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Using Extra_Poi_Editor

Hello, anyone who knows Extra_Poi_Editor, could you explain how to fill out
the EPE to create a unidirectional POI with wav sound?
Thank you


  • t923347 432 Points
    Don't know that any Garmin Automotive GPS excepts "unidirectional" POI's but there is probably more knowledge about both POI files and Extra POI Editor at than any place else you'll find.

  • Paska 81 Points
    OK, Obrigado.
  • Boyd 1992 Points
    If you placed a POI in the southbound lanes of a divided highway, it would be "unidirectional", wouldn't it? Not really clear what @Paska is trying to accomplish however.
  • alanb 550 Points
    Boyd, I think it depends on how far apart the lanes are. In other words, the alert will trigger within a certain side-to-side proximity of the location. I remember this being discussed in some forum, but don't have any links ... 90 feet sticks in my mind, but I may not remember correctly.
  • Paska 81 Points
    t923347 e Boyd explico melhor: duas pista lado a lado, uma pista vai para norte outra vai para o sul.
    Usando MapSource e PoiLoader o resultado é um arquivo (.gpx) bidirecional. Como o Boyd disse esse alerta irá acionar ao passar em ambas as pistas. A menos que esse POI seja deslocado no mínimo 25m longe da outra pista.
  • Boyd 1992 Points
    edited October 2017
    FYI, from Google translate. :)

    t923347 and Boyd explain better: two lane side by side, one lane goes north another goes south.
    Using MapSource and PoiLoader the result is a bidirectional (.gpx) file. As Boyd said this alert will trigger when passing on both tracks. Unless this POI is moved at least 25m away from the other lane.
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