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A little problem...Maybe, with my 2018.30 update

I updated my Zumo 660, designating that the maps be installed to both my device and PC.

When the update was complete, Garmin Express stated there was an error with the update. But it did not specify what the error least I couldn't find a way to get it to tell me.

On the device, I confirmed the map is 2018.30 and connecting it again to Garmin Express, it states my maps are up to date.
I looked on the PC, but the new maps were not there. I'm assuming that's where there error was.

I've just completed re-downloading the the new maps to the PC and all looks well this time.

The device seems to be behaving properly.

My question then...
Is there a possibility the error was with the maps on my device...something that may rear it's ugly head while I'm heading down the road someplace? Or am I just worrying over nothing? :-)


  • Chris_Sav 127 Points
    I've had similar but have found that a successful re-install was never followed by any map problems.

    Poor programming of the error message in my view, could be more re-assuring.
  • WAASup 186 Points
    Express keeps log files which would give more information about the error:


    Older logs are archived with numeric suffixes . Match the file date/time with when your error occured.
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