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DriveSmart 61 - Jumping All Over By Itself

I have had this DriveSmart 61 for about 4 days now.

This morning, the thing started just jumping all over the place - from menu to menu - all by itself.
It's doing it right now as I type this.



  • alanb 557 Points
    I would try to do a forced shutdown, then a master reset.
  • A forced shutdown is holding the button for like 10+ seconds, right?
    I don't know what a master reset is.
  • alanb 557 Points
    Yes, that procedure should force the shutdown. Here is a you tube regarding the system reset:
  • Got it! Thanks. Don't need that yet!! Screen is no longer an out of control jumper!!
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    If it happens again and was purchased from a local store with a good exchange policy (such as Best Buy), I would just take it back and get another one. This could be a symptom of a defective touchscreen, and why waste time trying to fix something if you don't need to? :)
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