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Garmin Nuvi

I lost all the maps on my GPS and I don't know how it happened. I reset the unit but the maps didn't reappear. I checked dthe scripts and it showed a lot of the maps had been erased. I didn't erase them so I don't know how it happened. I downloaded Garmin Express but it won't work on my IOS. Purchased a new battery, replaced it after watching a video on youtube and still can't get past the icon charge screen on the unit. Very frustrated. Please help.


  • Boyd 2009 Points
    Of course Garmin Express does not work on iOS, it never has. iOS is the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Are you using a Macintosh? In that case, you need Express for MacOS. You can download older versions of Express here, one of them should run on an older version of MacOS, however I don't know whether it will actually work properly with Garmin's servers. You will just have to try and see what happens.

    What model Nuvi do you have? Did it include lifetime maps? Models with lifetime maps have the letters LM or LMT in the name, for example, "Nuvi 3590LMT". If you have lifetime maps, Express should be able to install the latest version. If you don't have lifetime maps, not sure if it can replace the old map.

    Your computer must be able to recognize the Nuvi or none of this will help though. Often that is not possible with problems like this.

    It's hard to say what happened, it could have been a software bug or it could be a hardware problem. If it's an old model, it may not be worth the effort since you can buy new factory refurbished Nuvi's with full one year warranties for as little as $60.
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