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New map version does not include half of Europe

I updated my Nuvi 2597 LM and the map updates did not include Southern Europe - I bought it with this. Can anyone help please


  • benna 0 Points
    Europe 2018.20 does not have Spain , Portugal or France!
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited November 2017
    It does if you are entitled to and select the full Europe map, and have sufficient space (including SD card space) to install it. Note that the full Europe map is now over 4 GB, so it is delivered as 2 map files and many older devices require a SD card to install the full map.

    If the update didn't give you the full Europe map I suggest you reinstall making sure you have a properly sized SD card (8 to 32 GB) and carefully select the correct options in Garmin Express.
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