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ZUMO 395LM T.E. : cannot use different region map in the same moment

Hi guys.
My name is Alex and I live in Italy.

10 days ago I've bought a new motorcycle Garmin GPS: ZUMO 395LM TRAVEL EDITION.
"TRAVEL EDITION" because preloaded into device there is the complete 46 EU countries region map (just updated by me to 2018.20 using Garmin Express) and with Garmin Express software I can install other region map, like North America, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand and so on for other 39 coutries. All maps with "lifetime" update.
A very "worldwide" device :-)

But I've a big big problem: device has 16GB internal flash (7 GB free with EU map installed) and I've also inserted an empty 16GB microSD. There is so much free space to load ALL Garmin maps !
But If I use Garmic Express to load another map (i.e. the North Africa map) it DELETE the installed map and then install the new map. So it looks that only one region map can be installed at the same time !
And for me is a big problem because in springer I will make a trip from Europe to Morocco and I need the EU region map AND North Africa at the same time.
I'm very disappointed.
There is a solution ? Garmin Support tell me that there is no solution. Garmin = fake ?

Thanks in advance for any infos.


  • sussamb 827 Points
    edited November 2017
    You should be able to do that. Europe should remain, it's the additional maps that get deleted. This of course assumes you bought the EU version?
  • I bought my 395LM directly from Garmin Italy : during a motorcycle international expo in Italy (EICMA), Garmin Italy sold this device in its job fair with 100€ off. So I bought it.

    I explain the problem with some screeshot.
    1) I connect 395 to my Windows 7 PC USB port and I launch Garmin Express.

    2) I enter my device and, as you can see, I've full EU map 2018.20 (46 countries).

    3) Then I click on "Map Option" ('Opzioni mappa') and in the next screen I can choose only 2 options:
    CHANGE MAP ('Cambia mappa')
    REINSTALL MAP ('Reinstalla mappa')

    4) I click on CHANGE MAP and in next screen I can select the new map Region, i.e. South Africa

    If I click on CONTINUE the new region (i.e. South Africa) will be installed but EU region will be REMOVED. I've confirm because device free space is increasing a lot (EU map is 2GB, South Africa is smaller).

    So it looks that I cannot install two region together. I'm crazy or Garmin is a piece of crap ???

  • sussamb 827 Points
    edited November 2017
    EU map is over 4Gb, first go to Settings, Map & Vehicles, myMaps. What is shown there?

    If you have the travel edition you should see 2 maps shown.
  • 1) As you can see in first image above, device has 7.5 GB free with EU map installed (4 GB size, thanks for info).

    2) The device IS TRAVEL EDITION: this was confirmed to me by italian Garmin Support Center. My serial number is associated to a "395LM Travel Edition". And I can download map of other regions in addition to preinstalled EU map, so it's Travel Edition (if not, I cannot download other map).

    3) In my device Settings, Map & Vehicles, myMaps I see 3 maps (EU North NTU, EU South NTU and EU FourSquare). See picture:

    Now I install another region, like North Africa. I launch Garmin Express, I select Middle East and North Africa region, I click on [CONTINUE]. Installation was ok in about 10 minutes. I switch on Zumo 395 and .... Europe is DISAPPEARED and now there is only Middle East and North Africa.
    Also into device:

    Device free space is increased from 7.5 GB to 12.9 GB : EU map was deleted, obviously.

    I'm going crazy :-((
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Take it back. It's not working as it should. EU should always remain, plus you can load one other map.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    edited November 2017
    My apologies, seems like it is working as it should. The Zumo works differently it seems to some other Garmin Travel edition models which I'm familiar with, why it should be different I have no idea.
  • SHIT ! You have right !

    If you own a Zumo 395 Travel Edition (010-01602-1W), Zumo 595 (010-01603-1W) Travel Edition, nüvi 58 LMT Travel Edition (010-01400-1W)

    Update to latest maps available or/and software (if available) by clicking on “Install all”
    After the update , go to “Map Options” under “Europe”
    Go to “Change Map”
    Click on “Continue”
    In the drop-down menu, choose the region you would like to download
    Click on “Continue”
    Please note that the Europe map will get overwritten with the new region you are choosing in step 5. You can download it at any time again by following the same procedure
  • ambrosa 1 Point
    edited December 2017
    I've SOLVED with some tricks :-)
    I use Linux since 20 years, so for me some tasks are very easy. The process below can be repeated for any region map.

    1) With Garmin Express I've installed Middle East and North Africa (MENA) map. EU map was deleted by Garmin Express. I've taken a detailed file list of the device file system
    2) The same device file list after installed EU map (MENA was deleted)
    3) I've analyzed the DIFFERENCES between the two file lists and I've discovered which files are strictly related to MENA map. MENA map files are:
    . .. gmapprom.gma gmapprom.img gmapprom.unl

    . .. D4507110A.jcv

    . .. D5110070A.img

    . .. D3410180A.sid D5111070A.sid D5576040A.sid

    . .. D3408180A.db

    4) Then I've installed again MENA map and extract above files (copied into my PC)
    5) Then I've installed Eu map and merge JCV,SID,SQLite files of MENA map. I've renamed gmapprom.* files to gmapsupp.* and copied into a 16GB microSD card. Why ? Device internal memory has free space enough to store MENA gmap files BUT for some reason .unl and .img files refused to copy through USB port. Some security mechanism ? Well, using my PC I've renamed and copied gmap files into a microSD under /Garmin folder and then installed the card into Zumo.

    BINGO! all works fine: EU+MENA maps, Foursquare and so on.

    Any comment or suggestions ?
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Well done. There's generally a way around things :)
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