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Map 78 reboot? Stuck.


My GPS will not start properly. It gets stuck on 'loading maps, waypoints..." I tried the 'factor reset' a few weeks ago and after several efforts got it to work. It conked out again a few days ago and again, after a few tries, I got it running again. It ran very briefly then quit again. Now I can't get it to work at all---always stuck on "loading maps, waypoints...". Anything else I can try? thx


  • Boyd 2007 Points
    edited December 2017
    Are you talking about a GPSMap 78 handheld? I'm moving this thread to our Garmin Handheld forum.

    I assume you have you removed the memory card? You should have backed up internal memory the first time you got it working, then deleted all your user files - any maps, waypoints, tracks and routes you have added.

    If you can get the computer to recognize it again, that's what I'd suggest. It sounds like there is some kind of corrupt data in a file you created or added.
  • Yes, the handheld. Thx for moving to right forum.

    I now have it working again. When you say 'internal memory" do you meal ALL the files on the GPS?
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    edited December 2017
    Have you removed the memory card? I am talking about the memory that is built into the GPS. For starters I would make a backup of everything on the GPS. Just make a folder on your computer and drag or paste all the files there.

    Then go and remove all the stuff from the GPS that you have added yourself. Basically that would be any maps you have added - files that have a .img extension. Do not delete gmapbmap.img or gmaptz.img, they are system files. What other .img files do you have?

    Then delete ALL .gpx files, none of them would have originally been on the gps.

    Also delete the CustomMaps folder (if it exists) and all the files in it. They would be files that you added also.

    Alse delete the birdseye folder and its contents.

    Then you should have a pretty "clean" unit. I would make a second backup of the GPS in this state (also keep the other backup). Then see how it works. If you need any of the stuff you deleted, start adding it back one file at a time and you can probably isolate whatever was causing it to crash.
  • Thx for the detailed instructions, Boyd. I was reluctant to touch any of the Garmin system files. I did remove all the GPX files and the custom maps. I also removed the microchip. It seems to be working fine now, but when I put the card back in it malfunctioned. So I replaced the card with a clean one and now everything seems hunky dory. Thx again. I thought I might have to replace it.
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