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Sick Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMT-D.

Before I start scratching the itch I thought I might canvas opinions.

1) Device does not charge, powers up with the 12v cradle and traffic lead but switches off without warning immediately if the power plug is pulled.
2) Boot-up message This accessory is not supported.
3) Did 400 miles today, some in severe traffic and no traffic warnings at all, traffic icon greyed out.

Apart from that it worked brilliantly.

Googling I suspect 2) and 3) are related and a hard reset is recommended.

Any thoughts before I attempt to brick it?


  • sussamb 827 Points
    Hmmm ... The accessory not supported message would suggest something wrong with the cable, plus the fact you're getting no traffic warnings. Are you able to try another power cable?
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    edited December 2017
    Cheers Sussamb, updating 2018.30 EU at present, think that will be something for tomorrow.

    Looks like a standard mini USB plug on the cradle, whereas it's micro on the driveluxe

  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    edited December 2017
    Did not charge off the micro USB cable during the map update either.

    Reset made no difference either.

    Will only work via cradle or USB lead, does not charge and tells me no traffic device even when in cradle
  • Spot on Sussamb with the first part.

    Senile decrepitude. I had mixed up the power leads and thought the one I had with the box on was the traffic receiver for the Driveluxe, it was probably from my old Nuvu 3790 as it works on that!

    Used my other power lead and got traffic I'm pleased to say, so thanks!

    OK any ideas on how to get it to charge? no charging through cradle or direct through USB
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Does it charge from your PC using a cable? If so could be a faulty cradle. If charging doesn't work from your PC your device is probably faulty. I'd ring Garmin.
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    edited December 2017
    No joy on cradle or USB, both power up but no battery, flat as a pancake after connection, no power down warning, just dies on disconnection.

    Have a think whether I live with it and use as - is or pay Garmin as it's 1½ years old.

    Not obvious how it comes apart either.
  • Interesting, found a diagnostics screen by pressing and holding the corner of the screen.

    Battery is alternating every 5 - 10 seconds between 'Charging' and 'Charging done'. Battery voltage goes up to 4 volts during the few seconds charging and fades to 0.01 volts in the few seconds before charging recommences. Battery capacity is shown as '_____', battery current '0mA'

    Subsequently battery now alternating between 'Charging' and 'Unknown'

    Guess the battery is goosed.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Sounds like it. There are replacements around, not sure about your model though. Batteries are notoriously fickle. My old 1310 is still going strong but I do see others, like yourself, having problems around the 2 year point.
  • I've pinged an email to Garmin who will no doubt go through the mostly irrelevant robotic decision tree and get me to check the fuse in the power lead that it's running off!

    Cannot find any videos on how the unit comes apart either, no visible screws.
  • Not far wrong! reply received:
    Thank you for your email. I am happy to try and help you resolve your issue.

    Based on your description of your issue it does sound as if your device has not been charged. When a device is powered using the car power lead it does not actually charge the battery. It bypass the battery and gives power to the unit directly. As result it does not charge the battery and over time the device will go flat.

    What we need to do is bring the device into your home and charge it through a computer using the USB charging lead provided in the box. This needs to be done at least once every two weeks to a month in order to make sure the device is charged, It should be left to charge for at least 2-3 hours at a time.
    [end quote]

    Think I said I'd already done that! derrrrrrrrr! and I think it charged in the cradle anyway!
  • More questions from Garmin who say it is a sealed unit and just the battery cannot be changed!
  • t923347 432 Points
    Chris_Sav said:

    More questions from Garmin who say it is a sealed unit and just the battery cannot be changed!

    and yet there are company's that sell replacement batteries for them:

  • alanb 555 Points
    I don't know if the disassembly of the DriveLuxe would be similar to a 3597, but here is a video showing how the 3597 comes apart:

    Note that the 3597 does not have screws holding the case together like many other Garmin devices have.
  • t923347 432 Points
    The DriveLuxe 50 is the same as the 3597 - no screws holding the case together. Your video link will probably help.
  • Thanks, that will be useful assuming Garmin have no g=bright ideas.
  • Garmin want to RMA it and charge me £78 for the privilege of fixing my newly out of warrantee Driveluxe 50 LMT-D
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited December 2017
    Well that would work out to about $104 USD. Here in the US we can buy a refurbished DriveLuxe 50 for about $130, so I suppose that's fair if you want another one. The refurb would have the same warranty as new. How about Garmin's replacement?

    But a dead battery after two years is horrible. My 2012 Nuvi 3550 and 2013 Dezl 760 still work fine. So does my 10 year old Nuvi 205.
  • alanb 555 Points
    edited December 2017
    One thing I find interesting is this statement in the reply you got from Garmin support:
    When a device is powered using the car power lead it does not actually charge the battery. It bypass the battery and gives power to the unit directly. As result it does not charge the battery and over time the device will go flat.
    That has never been my understanding of how the Garmin power supply/charging system works. I wonder if that statement is incorrect, or if this is something that has changed on the Driveluxe models that use the powered cradle.

    I suppose trying to put a new battery in the unit is a possible solution, but I would be a little concerned that the problem might be in the charging circuitry and not the battery.
  • It's a load of 'pony and trap'. Battery was attempting to charge on the diagnostics screen whilst in the cradle

  • great news and thanks for the suggestions, esp. Alanb for the video.

    Reluctant to pay £78 without trying first I prised the screen out carefully (two connecting leads on this one) and found the battery terminal had disconnected. Connector just pops on the side of the pins unlike normal low voltage PC connectors that push securely on to the ends of the pins.

    have a battery with capacity now

    And yes it charges in the power cradle as you can see below, so rubbish Garmin response.

  • Boyd 1997 Points
    Nice! =D>
  • alanb 555 Points
    Congrats on fixing your Driveluxe 50. Out of curiosity, how difficult was it to open the case? Did you damage the case at all in the process?
  • alanb said:

    Congrats on fixing your Driveluxe 50. Out of curiosity, how difficult was it to open the case? Did you damage the case at all in the process?

    Found it difficult to get started even with a thin blade, the screen kept popping back in. Trick was to use a second thin blade and hold the slightly prised out screen off the lug I had just freed so I could move onto the next lug. Each time I gained ground I moved to the next lug, alternating sides once the end was freed.

    Just had to be very careful and watch out as the Driveluxe has a lead at either end connecting the screen to the case. No marks on the case afterwards and the screen popped back in quite easily. I don't think I have compromised any of the lugs but only time will tell.
  • alanb 555 Points
    Did you by chance take some pic's while it was open? If so, they might help others who need to change the battery.
  • No, not enough hands!

    Did not risk disturbing either of the connecting leads
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Result! Well done you. Why Garmin said what they did I have no idea, even the manual says the power lead charges the device. Always has done.
  • alanb 555 Points
    Maybe the support tech was thinking of the older handhelds like my Oregon 550 which does not have internal charging circuitry. On those devices, plugging in USB power does disconnect the battery. In any case, the support person should have known better.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Good point. Suspect they may simply have clicked on the wrong FAQ ;)
  • Jeeps 81 Points
    Nice fix, I've been absent for some time, but recently purchased the 51 Driveluxe the powered mount was key in me purchasing.

    And I too am baffled as to why Garmin gave you that response, The mount and cable clearly charge the battery, the battery powers the screen. Always have on any model I've had, 760's 765's 2460 etc

    Have you used the Garmin smart link app on an Iphone or Android ? i see you use the traffic cord for traffic just curious your app experiences.
  • Hi,

    No I'm not an app man I'm afraid. I only use the inbuilt traffic on the Drivelux. No smart phone here, I've gone from being a Computer Scientist to a retired technophobe! I hate the sight of families in restaurants silently glued to their little screens, I'd much rather see faces lit up by jovial conversation!

    Driveluxe 50 LMT-D is a big improvement on my old 3790 apart from the ridiculously short battery life.

    As for Garmin themselves I have a very low opinion of the company based on my personal experiences.

  • sussamb 827 Points
    I think like every company there are good and bad, the majority of those who deal with their customer support seem happy, I know I've always had a good response but things have been so reliable lately I haven't had cause to contact them. so that may no longer be true.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited December 2017
    Chris_Sav said:

    As for Garmin themselves I have a very low opinion of the company based on my personal experiences.

    Yet you continue to buy their most expensive products anyway (thinking of your saga with the Montana 600, 680, Monterra and GPSMap276cx). So what incentive is there for them to change? Just sayin'... ;)

    Regarding smartphones, we could use a similar "logic" with other things... like "I hate the sight of people who are injured in accidents, so I'm not going to get a car." You don't have to use a smartphone in an anti-social way, and I'm sure you would be responsible enough to use good judgement. :)

  • Cannot find anything I like better than Garmin gadgets basically.

    I've just given up waiting for the 276CX to be brought up to standard (lovely machine but no engine) and an almost unused Monterra arrived in the post today. I'm a glutton for punishment! Will run it alongside my 680T and see which I like best.

    Out on the push bike tomorrow so it will get a trial.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    Well, like I said, they don't have much incentive to improve with a core audience who will buy their products in spite of the problems. This is bad for Garmin in the long term because those loyal users are all getting old and the next generation is not going to have that kind of loyalty when they already have a smartphone and a $10 app can do the same thing.

    OTOH, they are already positioning themselves for the next generation with new products like smartwatches, baby monitors and fitness devices. That new focus is probably stealing resources from their more traditional GPS products so we may see them gradually fade away as the baby boomers die off.
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    Looks like the b----y connector has come off again as I have exactly the same problem.

    Using it tomorrow, will take a look in a few days time.
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    edited June 2018
    Could not resist and popped the screen out, same technique with two thin blades. You have to be careful as the screen is attached by two short leads.

    Yes the plug had come loose again (take note Garmin if you are reading this - NOT GOOD!) don't think I've knocked it but the plug should not come off without being tugged anyway!

    Strikes me the snapping back onto the magnetic mount is the direction the plug needs to be shaken to come off.

    Have battery once again.

  • sussamb 827 Points
    I've used Garmins for years, never had a plug come loose or lose power in any way. Guess you may not have fixed it correctly first time round?
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    And Garmin also failed when they assembled it in the first place?

    Never had this on any of my other units including my 3790 cartwheeling down the road when it fell off my motorcycle (still works).

    As mentioned earlier the plug does not push onto the pins as with all other low voltage couplings I've encountered. the plug is introduced from the side to the socket with no noticeable snap or particular resistance. The act of snapping the Drivelux onto the magnetic mount is just the direction of judder needed to shake the plug loose should that be the cause.

    No evidence, but I am highly suspicious. However I am not the only one using this unit!
  • sussamb 827 Points
    lol I blame my wife for everything too :)
  • alanb 555 Points
    I just replaced the battery in my 5 year old Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, and it had that same type of plug/socket. I had not seen that type of connector before and it took me a while to figure out how to disconnect the old battery. Fortunately I didn't damage the pins in my attempts to disconnect it. I was able to push the new battery connector onto the pins without a problem, and it seemed secure, but I can see how dropping or jarring the tablet could cause it to pop out.
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