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Garmin and tomtom gps on ebay with the lock logo

Many sellers are posting Garmin Drive 6 for sale. The boxed gps shows a lock logo which must be activated. I emailed Garmin, and the Rep. said That Wamart is the exclusive seller of these gps with the lock logo. A Walmart buyer gets a receipt with the activation number, and this number activates the purchased gps. Please be aware of these gps on ebay.The Garmin Rep. said that the boxed gps with the lock logo shoul not be sold om ebay.


  • johnward 39 Points
    it's official..on ebay a seller must provide to the buyer of a gps with the lock logo on the box an activation code number. if a seller cannot provide an activation code number to you, then you are buying a gps which will not function. you are warned. your gps will not work
  • johnward 39 Points
    I believe the activation code number is six digits long, and all numbers
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