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Routing Information

The routing information on my GPS (Nuvi 2797LMT) refers to roads using local towns
rather than county, state, or federal highway designations.

For example: Georgetown Road rather than US 460
Lexington Road rather than US 60
Lawrenceburg Road rather than US 127

Local area town names, such as the examples above, are seldom found on critical road signs.

County, state, and federal road signs always utilize the appropriate “number”.

Why does Garmin most often use “town names” rather than “highway numbers”?


  • Boyd 1997 Points
    That's a good question that we have discussed a number of times. But only Garmin knows the answer. ;)
  • l henry 192 Points
    I attempted a search for this topic prior to my post.

    How should I have phrased my search parameters?
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited December 2017
    Not sure, but the topic comes up every now and then. Garmin gets their map data from a company called HERE (formerly called NavTeq). Look at the maps on their site, and remember they come from the same dataset as Garmin's maps.

    They show all the route numbers (or at least they do in my area). So Garmin has the data but has chosen not to use it. Which brings us back to my first comment.... they are the only ones who could answer your question. You can ask Garmin, but you will likely receive a "canned" response that isn't helpful. ;)
  • alanb 555 Points
    edited December 2017
    Although I wish they would stick with highway numbers instead of local street names in their routing prompts, there probably isn't a "right" or "wrong" way. Sometimes the local street name is more commonly used than the highway number.

    A while back, I was waiting in line at a local convenience store checkout and some one asked the clerk how to get to highway BR 151. The clerk gave him a puzzled look, then told him how to get back to the main US 151 highway about 3 miles away. I didn't want to make the clerk look stupid, so I followed the guy out the door and asked him where he was headed, then explained that the street he was on (Seventh Avenue) was Business Route 151 and told him which way to turn onto the street to continue on his way. Apparently the store clerk didn't know his street was also a numbered highway and was sending the poor guy back the way he had come from and away from his destination.

  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited December 2017
    Haha Alan, I've had similar experiences. But I wish they would use the numbered routes because the name changes in every little town but the number stays the same.

    This has been a big deal with the maps I make myself, I include all the numbered routes. But I'm kind of a loner there. OpenStreetMap data is the worst, it hardly every includes route numbers. I have had to create my own for everywhere but NJ - they have a very nice dataset that includes the numbers.
  • mike41 38 Points
    I have a tom 740. The directions show both local names/routing numbers. on the screen. This is very helpful. I also own 2 Garmin devices. Overall I like Garmin but I do miss the dual names.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    I just follow the line on the map, turn right, turn left etc. Couldn't really care less about what the road is actually called :)
  • We do oversize vehicle escort work and have to write every street name on the permit, sometimes I write the individual street name sometimes the Hwy name but never the number and I wonder which one a court of law would consider appropriate. Unfortunately it seems there is no answer and it gets more complicated when a bypass is created and the old highway reverts to its local street name as the Hwy is now a different route.
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