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GPS that displays State Road numbers

jtsou 0 Points
edited January 2 in GPS Recommendations
I am looking for a GPS unit that displays state road number instead of(or addition to) the common road name.


Peach tree Rd is State Road 1392

My job dictates that I use the State Road numbers instead of the common name for reports.

I had an old GPS manufactured by Mio that accomplished this however that one will no longer power on when connected to power. It displayed road names in this manner:

Peachtree Rd(County Road 1392)

I know they are not always 100% accurate however I have backup spreadsheets, but the GPS was nice for quick refreshers.

I rarely use the GPS for navigation rather it is mainly for situational awareness. Research online shows that Garmins usually will not display the road number only the common name.

Thanks for any help.


  • mike41 6 Points
    I have not seen a Garmin that shows state route numbers. I do have a TomTom 740 that shows both local names and state route numbers. This is an older model TomTom I do not know if current models offer this feature.
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