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Nuvi 2589 - Adding to Existing Route

If I am navigating and decide I want to add a stop along the way and select a location and then select Add to Existing Route sometimes it will just make it my next stop but at other times it will bring up a menu allowing me to choose whether it should come before or after my original destination. I can't figure out why it is not consistent in how it handles this. Ideas? Thanks! Bob


  • sussamb 685 Points
    Nope as I've never seen it do that, I suspect it has something to do with how far into your route it is.
  • BobbyC 81 Points
    [sussamb] Thanks - good idea. In your experience does it always give you the menu option of where the new entry should come in your route?
  • sussamb 685 Points
    edited January 11
    I normally get a screen that gives 4 options, Start new route, Add as next stop, Add as last stop or Add to active route

    That's on my Drivesmart though. My wife is away with my 2508 at the moment. I'll check that one later though someone else will probably beat me to it.
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