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Is Nuvi touch screen dead or not?

my Garmin Nuvi 2495LM (HW ID 1371) used to work flawlessly for a few years permanently installed in the car. But recently it just stopped for no reason, frozen on the boot screen with Garmin logo and copyright. I can only turn it off and on again.

Garmin Express does not see it. When connected it does not appear as a drive in Windows.

I googled every bit of advice on the net and tried the following with no luck:

1. Disconnected and re-connected the battery. This supposedly does hard reset.

2. Disconnected and re-connected the screen. This supposedly ensures there is a good contact with digitizer.

3. Went to pre-boot mode (press in left top corner and power up) and successfully flashed it's current 8.30 firmware (the same it already had).

I have read somewhere that Garmin may freeze on boot if it fails to initialize touch screen. I thought that may be I can replace the touch screen and it will work. But before I do that I would like to know how to confirm that screen is actually faulty? Since I can get to pre-boot mode by touching the left corner then it must be working to an extent, right? However pre-boot mode then goes to calibration screen and there my touches are not registered and unit does not respond to them.

How do I physically test touch screen connector and see if it is working or not?

I would really appreciate any advice.



  • Boyd 1997 Points
    I'd say corrupted files are the more likely cause, although it could be a hardware problem I suppose. See this thread, starting with my reply from December. That is probably about all you can do.
  • trash 0 Points
    Thank you for reply.

    I will try to do the "apply cure firmware first, format drive, apply proper firmware then" approach.

    Would still want to know, if device does not calibrate. This "touch dot" things does not react. Would it mean that screen is dead or not?

  • trash 0 Points
    I flashed cure firmware and reformatted drive. Apparently it was corrupted. I then flashed original firmware and windows was able to connect to device. Garmin Express updated maps, etc. But device still does not boot normally. Sits at the very same logo. Yet now it is detected by Windows and Garmin Express.

    And, yes, it still does not calibrate.

    Any ideas?

    BTW, this device has almost dead battery. It was poor from the start, but being installed in the car this did not matter. But now I am thinking if this could contribute to the issue somehow?
  • trash 0 Points
    I have finally restored the device. Tried rebooting it multiple times after reflash, changing and connecting in the car. And it booted. I then used Garmin Express to update it. Now it works. Wow. Thanks!
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Great! Well done on perseverance :)
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    Nice! B-)
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