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Poor Experience with DriveLuxe™ 50LMT-D

Thought this might interest users.

Had to travel from Dover to East Grinstead in UK yesterday for a laser procedure on my troublesome right eye. Duly setup the trip, min time, no avoidances, no intermediary points and set off, fortunately with time to spare.

All went well until traffic flashed up of a 2 hour delay some 50 miles ahead on the notorious M25 near Clackett :Lane services, turning on the radio told us the motorway was closed (oh b---------x!!).

Accepted the alternate route that the satnav was offering from several miles ahead. about half an hour later I wanted to check the current situation before the detour but you cannot get back on the satnav as it not thinks there is no delay on the alternate route.

Stopped the trip and started it again only to be shown as arriving 2½ hours late but no delays!! on the ORIGINAL blocked route. Matrix signs flashing long delays, I dived off the motorway to cut across country expecting the satnav to recalculate. it would not! and insisted I turn around and go back to the original impassible route with 2½ hour late arrival.

Got 'erself to reprogramme preferences to shortest distance, but got the same answer to go back to the closed motorway now some distance BEHIND us! reprogrammed to shortest time and blood pressure rising but exactly the same answer.

Checked avoidances and none set so set avoid motorways! lo and behold the arrival time came forward 2 hours across country for the remaining 20 miles and I just made the appointment.

Have been impressed by the DriveLuxe™ 50LMT-D thus far, but not yesterday!

To recap the route had only start and finish points and calculation mode had no avoidances apart from U turn and unmetalled roads -should have done better!


  • sussamb 742 Points
    Strange, can't see why if it knew the road was closed, particularly if you then chose the shortest route, guess we'll never know why ;)

    If I ever get an unexpected result though I do a full shut down then restart. It's always cleared any weird stuff.
  • alanb 398 Points
    Is it possible that when you stopped and restarted the route you were in an area that didn't have any traffic reporting stations in range? I know sussamb tells us that traffic coverage is great in the UK, but are there any dead areas where you don't get a signal?
  • AndreyT 105 Points
    edited January 16
    It appears that from the very beginning the device saw the original route as slow, but not entirely blocked. So, you can't blame it for routing you through an impassable route - the device did not know it was impassable. This is an issue with the traffic broadcasting service, not with the device.

    In my experience I see that when I "reset" the route (i.e. cancel the navigation and then immediately re-request the same destination), it takes varying amount of time foir the device to re-suggest the alternate route. Sometimes it takes quite a long time. I always thought that this was depended on the traffic bradcast system "sweep" times.
  • Chris_Sav 66 Points
    Think you missed the point, the device tried to take me through a route that was going to be over 2 hours longer than one readily available, both through time and distance. It recalculated umpteen times as I deviated from the loop back route it wanted to take at every junction.

    I think susamb's suggestion of a cold boot much more sensible.

    I believe I exposed a flaw by stopping restarting the route, expecting it to tell me what the current delay was. The machine still knew there was a problem or it would not have added over 2 hours to the expected time.
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