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Garmin Nuvi 2597 red line showing the current path missing.

Hopefully someone can help me out with what I feel is a easy question. :) I have my NUVI mounted on my SLED and up until this past weekend. The snowmobile trails show up in Red on my NUVI. When I have it set to 3d in display settings it shows the trail in white outline. It also shows me the current trail on if identified at the bottom in view mode as well as shows trail ahead when applicable. It use to show the trails in bright red and easy to see while driving my sled. Is there a setting on the NUVI somewhere that I am missing that will give me my nice red outline of the trails that I gave loaded on unit. I currently use GPS trailmasters and it is selected in the settings. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be awesome.

What I might try is removing all maps and re-adding the newest map. Maybe that will help.

Thanks for any input.

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