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Older Nuvi 52LM Behaving Strangely

Hi Gang - I have an older Garmin Nuvi 52LM which has worked well but beginning to behave strangely. First problem: I can't seem to permanently delete old Favorites while the unit is plugged in the 'Lighter Input' in my Jeep Dashboard. After they've been deleted, they reappear again. Now (just discovered), I can't seem to get the unit to 'Power On' (as its plugged into my USB Input in my Desk To computer? Any ideas? Thank You Guys ...


  • Boyd 1997 Points
    The issue with reappearing deleted favorites is common and not really a "problem" most of the time. With the Nuvi connected to your computer, look in the GPX folder. What files do you see there? Is there a file named Temp.gpx? If so, that contains a copy of old favorites that was generated by one of Garmin's computer programs at some time in the past.

    When the Nuvi starts up, it compares your favorites to any .gpx files it finds on the device. If there are any points in the files that aren't in your favorites, they will be added. So this makes deleted things come back. The safest thing is to delete ALL .gpx files from the GPX folder on the Nuvi. This should not cause any problems, but make a backup copy of them to your computer before deleting just to be safe.

    Now start the Nuvi and use the menu to delete any favorites you want. Shut it down and restart it. The favorites should be gone forever now.

    Not sure about the other issue. Did it work before? One guess would be that the USB port is not providing enough power. Try disconnecting any other USB peripherals and see what happens.
  • Hi Boyd - Thanx for the reply. I was finally able to use the method described by many folks here:
    Press and hold the lower right hand corner of the display portion of the touchscreen
    Power on the device while continuing to hold the lower right hand corner of the display
    Keep holding the corner until you see the message “Erase all user data?”
    Remove your finger from the touchscreen at that point.
    Touch Yes

    This seemed to work (nothing came back). But as expected (and I didn't care), I lost about 20-30 navigational spots. Hopefully I'll just 'RE-SAVE' some of those again. I also read by performing this process it frees up memory and helps prevent other glitches (as it was behaving wacky) free scrolling and other weirdness.

    BTW if I accidentally deleted the entire 'GPX' folder, will things still return to normal - (it appears so far)
    Thanks Boyd!
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Glad you seem to have it working again, don't worry about the GPX folder, your device will recreate what it needs.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    Glad that it's working, but you should still look in the GPX folder. If there is an old file in there that contains favorites, they are going to come back. The "erase all user data" procedure will NOT delete these.
  • Hi Boyd: I manually deleted the entire GPX Folder (thru my desktop computer). And then I used the "erase all user data" procedure. Happy to say nothing has come back. I mentioned I've also read that doing this also helps improve system functions, (restores memory and efficiency). Thanx
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