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City Navigator North America 2019.10 is now available

The new maps are out. Discuss :)


  • jonnop 101 Points
    2019?? We are only just started with 2018!
  • Buck115 31 Points
    Yep, I updated my 3597LMTHD yesterday and it now shows 2019.10 installed on my device and on my computer.
  • Mine too. I have a 2597LMT, and a DriveSmart 60 LMT. I always install the maps to my PC. I don't see anything new in my area. New streets haven't been added yet.
  • jangeo67 86 Points
    I have a 2797LMT, and a DriveSmart61LMT. I always install the maps to my PC. I don't see anything new in my area.
  • werewolf 107 Points
    jonnop said:

    2019?? We are only just started with 2018!

    No, today is January 27th, 2019. We skipped 2018 this year. Don't you follow the news?

    Anyway, now I'm worried about Garmin. Are they OK? Are they sick or something? This is the first time ever that a map update on my good old 276C went totally smoothly with absolutely no problems, and me not having to listen to Garmin tech support, including the supervisors, telling me that Map Updater is no longer supported so I can forget about that, and anyway the new maps are not compatible with my 276C, trying to hustle me into buying a new GPS, which has always happened before. Always. Something must be wrong there.

  • New local roads will be added if someone does and you can be the someone just log into the Here Mapcreator to add the streets/corrections, it's easy to do, you just trace the satellite photo and I have found they appear in the next Garmin release.
  • I'm since years wondering about the naming policy of these maps. Why is the name always a year up-front? Is there any good reason for this?
  • FYI, I tried to download this new map earlier today but it didn't show up as an available update in Express. I went over to POI factory to see if others were having problems, and saw that Garmin support had told someone it has been temporarily pulled because of some unspecified problem.
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