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City Navigator North America 2019.10 is now available

The new maps are out. Discuss :)


  • jonnop 101 Points
    2019?? We are only just started with 2018!
  • Buck115 86 Points
    Yep, I updated my 3597LMTHD yesterday and it now shows 2019.10 installed on my device and on my computer.
  • Mine too. I have a 2597LMT, and a DriveSmart 60 LMT. I always install the maps to my PC. I don't see anything new in my area. New streets haven't been added yet.
  • jangeo67 86 Points
    I have a 2797LMT, and a DriveSmart61LMT. I always install the maps to my PC. I don't see anything new in my area.
  • werewolf 107 Points
    jonnop said:

    2019?? We are only just started with 2018!

    No, today is January 27th, 2019. We skipped 2018 this year. Don't you follow the news?

    Anyway, now I'm worried about Garmin. Are they OK? Are they sick or something? This is the first time ever that a map update on my good old 276C went totally smoothly with absolutely no problems, and me not having to listen to Garmin tech support, including the supervisors, telling me that Map Updater is no longer supported so I can forget about that, and anyway the new maps are not compatible with my 276C, trying to hustle me into buying a new GPS, which has always happened before. Always. Something must be wrong there.

  • New local roads will be added if someone does and you can be the someone just log into the Here Mapcreator to add the streets/corrections, it's easy to do, you just trace the satellite photo and I have found they appear in the next Garmin release.
  • I'm since years wondering about the naming policy of these maps. Why is the name always a year up-front? Is there any good reason for this?
  • FYI, I tried to download this new map earlier today but it didn't show up as an available update in Express. I went over to POI factory to see if others were having problems, and saw that Garmin support had told someone it has been temporarily pulled because of some unspecified problem.
  • Well, I just downloaded GarminExpress for my DriveSmart 50 device, and it isn't offering me 2019.10 maps, only 2018.30 which I already have. Anybody else notice the same thing?
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    It was posted on another site that 2019.10 was taken down by Garmin due to some kind of problem. I tried last week with my Nuvi 3550 and it said I was up to date with 2018.30.
  • menhir 112 Points
    Looking for some clear answers....
    I upgraded all three of my devices as soon as the update was available. I'm also now hearing there were was pulled...and now available again? True?

    Should I reinstall?

    And...I'm curious if anyone knows what the problems were, if any, with the original update.
  • t923347 414 Points
    I have not seen that it is available again. When it is, it will probably be called 2019.11.
  • alanb 427 Points
    It was reported in POI Factory that it is available again and it is still 2019.10. I do not plan to reinstall on my 3 nuvi's unless Garmin releases a map with a different version. I have not had any problems with the devices after updating to 2019.10 when it came out.
  • Just tried Garmin Express, and it is still offering 2019.10 is still not available to me.
  • alanb 427 Points
    edited February 20
    I just tested it with a 2018.20 clone of my nuvi 3597LMTHD. Garmin Express is offering the 2019.10 map update. I didn't try to actually start the download, but it is being offered. I am not sure what is going on with your device. One thing you might try is to remove the device from Garmin Express, then add it back in. It probably won't help, but worth a try.
  • I just uninstalled and re-installed GarminExpress since that is easy to do, and it stil won't offer my 2019.10 for my Garmin DriveSmart 50...could be device related, who knows.
  • alanb 427 Points
    Just to be clear ...
    It is City Navigator North America 2019.10 you are trying to download, right? CN Europe is still at 2018.30.
  • Yes. I live on the east coast USA.
  • alanb 427 Points
    Sounds like it is time to call Garmin customer service and find out what is going on.
  • mike41 18 Points
    What happened to map 2019.10. I have 2 devices that showed I had map updates. I was traveling and could not do the update. Today I tried to update both devices and there were no updates available. My devices still have map 2018.30. I tried Garmin Express and the built-in wifi on the Drive Smart 61. Any ideas what happened?
  • t923347 414 Points
    It was pulled because of undisclosed problems.
  • mike41 18 Points
    Thank you for the information. Any idea on a new release date
  • GE is still not offering the NA 2019.10 for my 3597. Seems pretty hit and miss whether it's showing up again or not.
  • alanb 427 Points
    This almost sounds like there are multiple servers to distribute the map update and what you are offered depends on which server you hit.
  • sussamb 780 Points
    According to a thread on POI Factory Garmin are saying the map still hasn't been re-released.

  • alanb 427 Points
    Well, I don't know what to think. To test this out, I back leveled my nuvi 755T to the 2018.20 map (using a backup I have). I then installed Garmin Express on my wife's computer, making sure there were no previous map updates on that computer. I plugged in my nuvi 755T, added it to Garmin Express and checked for updates. It offered 2 updates ... the Timezone map update and the 2019.10 map update. I was expecting it to offer the 2018.30 map since it is reported that Garmin has pulled 2019.10. But nope! It offers 2019.10 to me. I let the update proceed and it updated to 2019.10 without a problem.
  • mike41 18 Points
    I contacted Garmin support. The answer I received was there were routing issues with 2019.30. The engineers are working on repairs. At this time no re-release date. I also asked if there will be a 2018 model PND. The answer was no announcements scheduled.
  • Why is it so hard to get information from Garmin? Is Bill Belichek running the show there too? If somebody is finally able to get the real deal on this update, maybe that person can also find out why Malcolm Butler was benched in the Superbowl.
  • sussamb 780 Points
    Think the real deal is in the post above yours ;)
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    I find it hard to understand why anyone cares. What big improvements are you expecting in the new maps? Does it really matter if you have to wait a few weeks?
  • menhir 112 Points
    edited February 24
    As for me...I'm just curious.

    As for Garmin, when you don't say nuttin', people will wonder, and some will guess, and then the rumor mill starts grinding away.

    That's what's happening. It's normal and natural behavior.

    In the course of running my own business I always let my clients know the exact nature of any issue that comes up.

    No one minds knowing, no one likes guessing, and it saves having to do unnecessary damage control.
  • mike41 18 Points
    Does Garmin still use Here maps? I looked on the Here website for an update for the GPS in one of my vehicles. I noticed no mention of Garmin. The only choices I saw were vehicle brands. I agree with the previous post. Good customer service is to keep customers informed.
  • t923347 414 Points
    Yes Garmin still use Here maps which are only available through Garmin.
  • Goozak 5 Points
    @Tim : Post should probably be updated while Garmin is fixing 2019.10.
  • alanb 427 Points
    According to poster raycock on the POI Factory forum:
    Just got off the line with Garmin support. They advised that they are still having trouble with the 2019.1 map update with some units not showing as an update. They advised that the map makers are aware of the problem and would fix the issue. I did ask them if the map was going to be called the same name since the updated map would have the fixes and he said yes. I guess that we'll hall have to keep a check on it and let each other know when the update comes out.
    This makes it sound like the failure has only affected specific devices or customers and the map content or version number will not change when a fix is released.
  • menhir 112 Points
    My take then, is that since all my devices seemed to have updated successfully, I'm good to go.

    Peachy. B-)

    Still, if I were the King of Garmin, I'd have been in front of this right away with a simple announcement of what they knew and what they we're doing to address it instead of leaving it with a "Houston...We have a problem" statement. Rumor control is easier than damage control.
  • alanb 427 Points
    Yes, that would be nice to know, but I don't think it has ever been Garmin's modus operandi. ;)
  • menhir 112 Points
    I just heard that an update was available again to those of us who already got the job done. As I mentioned before, all three of my devices had the new maps installed as soon as they were available.

    So I plugged in my Zumo and indeed, an update was available. It only took a moment so maybe (it is rumored :-) ) it's a small fix to whatever the problem might have been. Someone reported that it may have something to do with a time zone fix (another rumor) but I stupidly (it is rumored) installed it before I read the details. My bad.

    I'll try the other devices when I have some time.

    Sorry if I just added more rumors. I don't make the news...I just report it.
    (Like a lot of news these days, I don't bother verifying it first either. :-j )
  • alanb 427 Points
    The update was the timezone map file gmaptz.img.
  • menhir 112 Points
    Once again, merely out of curiosity....
    How would that affect a GPS?
  • alanb 427 Points
    Most newer Garmin GPS devices set the time zone automatically based on your location. It will automatically adjust the time when you cross time zones, and can calculate arrival time in the destination time zone. The time zone map is what makes this possible. Many older devices did not use the time zone map, so you had to manually enter the correct time zone in the settings menu (and manually change it when you crossed zones).

    The time zone map is a world map, and AFAIK this newest update didn't affect anything in North America.
  • menhir 112 Points
    Thank you!
  • t923347 414 Points
    alanb said:

    The time zone map is a world map, and AFAIK this newest update didn't affect anything in North America.

    Except for "A special fix for West Wendover, NV to include it in the Mountain time zone." ;)

  • Homer Simpson 181 Points
    Garmin North America is behaving very peculiar. If I didn't know better, I'd say there were ceasing North America operations.

    I just returned from Asia and Garmin is everywhere in the form of GPS and dash cams, some fine dashcams not seen in North America.

    I'd be curious to know who is responsible for the mapset in North America and if they're being developed at their HQ in Taiwan or USA.
  • alanb 427 Points
    edited March 5
    Garmin gets its North America maps from (formerly Navteq), headquarters in Amsterdam, currently owned by a conglomeration of Audi, Daimler and BMW.
  • alanb 427 Points

    GE is still not offering the NA 2019.10 for my 3597. Seems pretty hit and miss whether it's showing up again or not.

    I purchased a refurbished DriveLuxe 50LMTHD a couple of weeks ago and it is one of the devices that was stuck on CN NA 2018.30. I have been checking for map updates every day since I got it, and today Garmin Express finally offered the 2019.10 version. It is downloading now.

    Note: I am using an older version of Garmin Express (v because my laptop is Windows Vista and that is the last version that will work. I don't think the version of Express is related to the 2019.10 update problem though.

  • Interesting. I have a Garmin-refurbished 3597 that I bought a year or two ago. I didn't bother checking for the 2019.1 update until after it had been pulled off the site in the middle of February. I have been checking every couple days, and today I also finally had the 2019.1 map appear as an update. Probably just coincidence that both our GPSs are refurbs, but I guess anything's possible.
  • alanb 427 Points
    I also have a 3597 refurb (bought in 2015), but it updated to 2019.10 when the update was first released back in Jan. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which units updated back in January and which were refused the update until today. Go figure.
  • mike41 18 Points
    I see the new maps appeared on my device under the wifi updates. I have not attempted a download.
    I still question if PNDs are getting much attention from Garmin. I have Garmin fitness devices that use Garmin Connect. The connect App is updated monthly.
  • mike41 18 Points
    The question has anyone seen this issue.,I loaded the 2019.10 map on my Drive 60 device. It was a total disaster. The device would not locate me properly on the device screen. Many roads were not on the maps and even the speed limit signs were not there. I tried a hard reset and even a restore of the device. A few days later I then saw on Garmin Express there were 6 new updates for that device. I did the updates and all is well.
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