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City Navigator North America 2019.10 is now available



  • Boyd 2028 Points
    What you describe almost sounds like the map was not actually installed (or only partially installed) and you were viewing the basemap (gmapbmap.img) instead.
  • ozarkie 89 Points
    Last night (3-27-18) I connected my Drive 60 LM and I got a GE update, then 4 (I think) updates to the Garmin software including 2019.10. Maps installed flawlessly. All told, took about 2 1/2 hrs. on DSL.

    One thing I did notice was that Garmin Express, compared to earlier map updates I did, seemed to be better on screen prompts and progress postings. In the past you had no idea what GE was doing in the background, when to reboot the GPS, or anything else...usually were just left hanging. This time around, much improved.
  • mike41 38 Points
    Thank you for the feedback. I agree with Boyd I only received a partial map. I did notice when I loaded the partial maps only the map update was available. The second time I did the map update it came with 5 software updates. GE worked smoothly and it corrected the issues.

    I also have a model 61 the maps loaded correctly and only took 15 minutes to load. No additional updates were with the 61.
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