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Warning about GPS Data Team and site

Many of us look for POI files, such as Red Light/Speed Cameras and many other things (even McDonald Restaurant locations), in POI files that can be uploaded to our GPS's. There are several sites out there with those files available, and is one of those. To register costs a mere $7.00 US; however, that doesn't get you anything. After registering, you still have to pay for each major download, and their system doesn't allow you to login to do that. So, they take your money, then you can't actually access the all-in-one large files. So, you'd think you could just ask for a refund of that small amount and just move on. But they will not issue a refund. They ask you to lodge a complaint with your credit card company or PayPal, and they really don't care if that damages their reputation. This is only the second so-called "company" I've ever had this kind of trouble with. They just don't care. They won't make their site work, and they won't refund such a small payment. So, WARNING! Do not use this site: I wish someone had posted such a review before I got involved in this, so now I'm hoping to keep others away. There are other sites out there you should try but never this one. Thanks for listening.
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