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Problems with downloading "adventures" on to the GPS (Montana 600T)

I have transferred an adventure from "garmin adventures" over to "basecamp". I can see the adventure on basecamp via my computer but when I transfer it onto the GPS only less than half of the adventure is shown on the GPS.

The adventure is "ORNV 1000 outback". It's a loop but my gps only shows about 450 miles of it.

My operating system is windows 10 (if that is of any help).




  • sussamb 956 Points
    You don't say how many points are in the route but there are limits. For your Montana it's 250 so I suspect it's being truncated.
  • RDW 0 Points
    Thanks for the response.
    This is new to me. That must be it. I looked at it this morning and it it says "27006" points. There must be a way to get the whole route on to the gps. Is there a solution that you know of?
  • sussamb 956 Points
    I suspect that's a track rather than a route, in which case the limit is 10,000 but still won't allow for 27,006.

    Only way around it is to split the track I'm afraid, or reduce the number of points. BaseCamp will do that for you, just select it, right click it and select Filter selected track.
  • RDW 0 Points
    I did that (in one location on the map) and it didn't seem to make any difference.
    Any other suggestions?
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