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Sony NV-U83

Can Sony NV-U83 navigator be used as display? It has memory card slot on it. What can I do?


  • Boyd 2033 Points
    Have you seen the manual here? I don't see anything about using it as a display.

    Don't know about this device, but it looks similar to other units that are based on the Windows CE operating system, which is a stipped down version of Windows Mobile that only contains the specific functions needed to support the GPS software.

    If it is Windows CE based, there's a "hack" called MioPocket (do a Google search) that allows you to run a variety of apps on these devices. I think a video player is one of the things in that package. Of course none of this is supported and if you don't know what you are doing, you could permanently ruin your GPS, so proceed with caution.
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