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I just bought a new car radio with GPS Navigation. The software "NPLUS" came on a micro sd card already inserted into the radio. I want to change to a different GPS Navigation program. I have seen online that some people are putting on free maps for navigation onto SD cards. QUESTION.....Can I put on any free Navigation software with maps on to my sd card and replace the original software and it would usable?


  • alanb 529 Points
    I don't know anything about your system, but I think it unlikely that what you are trying to do will work. Your best bet is probably to ask the manufacturer.
  • regor62 0 Points
    Thanks alanb, could you explain why you don't think it work?
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Is this what you have?

    That doesn't look like any map software that I'm familiar with. It certainly isn't Garmin-based. So I have no idea where you would find free maps that are compatible, unless you mean illegal copies of the official software and of course we can't discuss that here.

    You should probably ask the "people who are putting free maps" on the device exactly how they are doing it. I don't think you are going to find an answer here as this doesn't look like any device we have discussed.
  • regor62 0 Points
    Close, its a Boss BV9386NV with ndrive navigation. I would just like to put a different navigation program onto the sd card. I'm wondering also is the sd card proprietory? I wouldn't think so.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    edited March 6
    There was a time when many of these devices were Windows CE based, and there were hacks to install your own software. I have done this with devices from Magellan and Mio for example. But that dates back 7 or 8 years and I'd hope that manufacturers have moved beyond Windows CE in today's world. ;)

    But FWIW, "MioPocket" was a popular way to install alternative software on these devices. You would put a specially named file on the SD card and that would force these devices to boot into another program. More info here:
  • regor62 0 Points
    Thanks Boyd, that was a another question I've now been wondering about and that is, what platform is being used for the Navigation window ce, android....??? I really don't think the NDrive navigation program that I now have on the sd card is dedicated solely to the radio I have, the Boss BV9386NV. I would think if I wanted to spend the money that I could purchase almost any GPS Navigation software put it onto the SD card and it would work. I could be wrong? What do you think? I have been asking other source's for information on the whole issue but have not heard back yet. Thanks for your advice and direction.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    edited March 7
    regor62 said:

    I could be wrong? What do you think?

    Most likely, you are wrong. My guess would be that the device has been setup to work with a version of some software that's tweaked for the company's hardware.
  • regor62 0 Points
    I suppose your right, just didn't think it was so intricate a system. Maybe to avoid just what it is I'm trying to do.
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