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My Nuvi 2595LMT

I've had this unit since Dec 2011 and it works well enough for me, but i was wondering if it's time to upgrade to a 'newer' model to take advantage of new technologies, access abilities, etc. Is it worth buying a 'newer' model or stick with this one? Are the advancements significant enough to upgrade?


  • Boyd 1997 Points
    Many of the new features require a bluetooth connection to a smartphone. This makes me wonder why we need the Garmin GPS at all when there are so many navigation apps that run natively on a smartphone. ;)

    Aside from that, can't you decide whether you need a new GPS by just looking at Garmin's site?

    If that doesn't provide enough information, visit a "big box" store where you can play around with the display models. I did this myself at Best Buy recently. The glass multi-touch screens are going to be an upgrade from the resistive touchscreen on your 2595, but I don't know whether that justifies an upgrade.

    I have a couple Garmin models from 2012 and don't see anything compelling in the current models. I use Garmin's streetpilot app on my iPhone which is basically the same as the Nuvi, but Garmin has intentionally removed some features so it doesn't compete too much with their dedicated models.
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