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DriveLuxe 51 LMT-D no audible speeding alert

Hi all. Please be gentle as I'm new here and I have Googled and searched and searched but I haven't turned up much on this. This is my first GPS and I'm not happy. Title says it all. Speed box border goes red when over the speed limit but no audible tone sounds. Locale is United Kingdom, and maps are full Europe (I believe) so I'm led to understand there should be no issues there. Settings>Driver Assistance>Speeding Alert>Inside/Outside the city are both set to "Over the Speed Limit". Settings>Driver Assistance>Audible Driver Alerts> are all selected, although interestingly Speeding Alert isn't in the list. I don't think it's much to ask for this feature to work. It's one of the main reasons I bought this thing. The manual says it should work, the settings say it should work, reason says it should work although I did read something about this feature may not be available but I think that referred to being in the United States. Can any one help? Is my unit faulty or have I missed the obvious? Thanks in anticipation.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    The device isn't muted is it?
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    I don't think so. I get audible alerts for everything else under the sun. Animal crossings, you name it, I get it, everything barring an audible alert for exceeding the speed limit.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Then it's not muted. Have you done a full shut down or do you just put the device into sleep mode? If the latter do a full shutdown then restart your device to see if that resolves it.
  • t923347 532 Points
    edited March 2018
    Consider yourself lucky! The last Garmin GPS I had that had an audible alert for speed limit just about drove me nuts.

    It issued the alert tone at 1 mph/kph over the limit and couldn't be adjusted like my old Tom Tom, so with cruise control set on the posted limit, you'll find your vehicle will drift back and forth between the posted limit and slightly above or below it. Every time the car drifts above , the darn alert goes off.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Full shutdown? Er, didn't know about that. I think I've probably just been putting the device into sleep mode. I've had a play, though. Do you mean holding the power button in until the "Turn off the device?" window appears with the *Cancel/Off" options? I've just done that now (for the first time). Everything looks the same but I guess I'll have to road-test it. Thanks for your interest and help, by the way.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    So, I did what I think was a shutdown and a restart. Excited, I went for a blat down the road. Did 31 in a 30. Saw the visible warning but not a sound out of the device. Even the visible warning is a bit feeble. The left and right edges of the speed box faintly glow red. It's as if this device is shy of telling me I'm speeding. Is Garmin in on a cut of speeding fines? I've contacted Garmin about this and they have got back to me. They're implying that I should have a Speeding Limit Exceeded setting in my Driver Assistance>Audible Driver Alerts but I don't. I'll tell them that and see what they say. It's quite a mystery.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Your procedure for a shutdown/restart was correct but there's also a "hard reset" function that will zero out all the settings, and sometimes this fixes odd problems (which are often related to software updates). So you could try the hard reset and see if that helps. It will set all the menu choices back to their defaults and erase any locations you have saved, so be sure to back those up if you have any. think Garmin Express can do this, but it can also be done manually by just copying the file named Current.gpx to your computer.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Yep, master/hard reset is the next thing to try ...
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Hi. Thank you for the tip. I've just done one of these. I stumbled across the procedure somewhere or other. Unfortunately I didn't stumble across anything about saving the Current.gpx file. Doh! Oh well. You live and learn. It doesn't take too long to set it all up again by hand. I'll know next time.

    I'll have a try again tomorrow now that I've done a hard reset. It's a bit late where I am to go screaming around the streets. I'd stick out a bit. It'd be ironic to get nicked speeding testing the device that was supposed to stop you getting nicked speeding. I'd laugh (not).

    I've had another thought. After the hard reset the device came up in 3D map mode. I've never used it in that mode. Being a pilot all the GPS units I use show plan view only so naturally that's what I set and have been using, weird as that may sound. Surely it's not something as daft as the audible Speed Limit Exceeded alert only works in 3D view. Please, no. I'll investigate this tomorrow as well.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Whilst I'm posting, here is an excerpt from an email I sent to Garmin earlier this evening. It'd be interesting to compare the menus that I outline with others on similar devices.



    Settings>Driver Assistance>Audible Driver Alerts

    all I have is:

    Select All (which I have selected)
    Speed Limit Reduction
    Animal Crossing
    Railroad Crossing
    Slower Traffic

    There is no mention of Speed Limit Exceeded. However, it is mentioned elsewhere.


    Settings>Driver Assistance>Speeding Alert

    I have two more settings:

    Inside the City
    Outside the City

    These both have the options:

    20 mph Over
    15 mph Over
    10 mph Over
    5 mph Over
    Over the Speed Limit (which I have selected)

    So there seems there would be no way of decoupling visible and audible Speed Limit Exceeded alerts on my device. The alert is either on or off, full stop. Not that my device emits an audible Speed Limit Exceeded alert anyway. Something does seem very odd.


    There isn't really much more that I can say. This shouldn't be as mysterious as it seems to be. I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow. Thank you again.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Your choice of map view certainly has nothing to do with this. And maybe my earlier post was a little ambiguous. The file Current.gpx contains any locations that you have saved, like the results of a search for example. It is not a general configuration file for menu settings. There is no way to save those on Garmin's automotive devices (their outdoor/handheld units have a feature that loads/saves menu settings however).

    So you would have to manually restore any menus that you have changed regardless. But you can restore your saved locations (favourites) if you save them prior to a hard reset.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Okay. Understood. Thank you for the clarification.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Boyd, you are quite correct. My choice of map view made no difference. Of interest, I've found the following from:

    "Your Garmin automotive device has the ability to provide a visual alert when you exceed the speed limit.

    When set to a European locale, your device will also have the ability to emit an audible alert. If the locale on these devices is set to a country outside of Europe (including the United States), the device will not provide audible speed alerts. A non-European device when set to Europe locale may emit audible speed alerts, but it is not guaranteed."

    Hmmm. So, the behaviour I see can be seen on a Garmin automotive device under certain circumstances. The thing is, mine is a UK device (I believe) set to the United Kingdom locale, with Europe North and South maps installed. Firmware bug? Firmware mix-up? I'm still in conversation with Garmin over this. They say my device should emit the audible tone. We'll what they come up with.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Mine does, so should yours.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Thank you, sussamb. I'm not sure if that makes me feel any better or not. Either I've got a duff unit or I'm an imbecile who can't set up a simple GPS unit. Whilst either one is possible, I'd like to think it's not the latter. The fact is, there isn't that much to set up, unless I'm missing something obvious. Let's see what Garmin come up with. I'm hoping they'll ask for installed firmware and map revisions next. Unfortunately, an email exchange with them takes a few days. I'm happy with that, though, if they can find out what's wrong.

    As you seem to have the same device, sussamb, can you confirm that the menus I detailed earlier in the thread are the same as on your device? Many thanks.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited March 2018
    Sorry, mine is a 50 not a 51 ...
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Garmin has spoken. I quote from their latest email to me:

    "Thanks for the confirmation. We will be investigating this issue for you further. We will be in contact when there is a fix or if we need any further details for yourself."

    The confirmation was me telling them that the device has never emitted an audible speed limit exceeded alert. Sounds to me like tacit admission that there is an issue. Sounds to me like I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for a solution. What a bummer. It was this feature that I wanted the most. Oh well. Worse things could happen.
  • FlyboyGT 7 Points
    Good news! I've been checking for firmware updates regularly since Garmin got back to me, in the hope that they might come up with something. Yesterday they pushed out v3.70 for my device with an entry in the change log of:

    "Improved reliability of alerts when exceeding posted speed limits"

    Installed it last night and tried it today. Woo hoo! I've got audible speed limit exceeded alerts!!! I'm well pleased. Garmin were even good enough to email me and let me know there was a firmware update to resolve my issue. Well done Garmin and thank you. I'm a happy man now.
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