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How do I change the Where To / Saved menus items?

Hello. First post here.
On my both Garmin Nuvi 2797 and 3797 devices if I touch 'Where To?' and then 'Saved' I get a page showing 5 lines. the top line reads 'All Saved Places', the 3rd line reads 'Address', etc. The second line displays an address, somewhere in Darkest Norfolk. My question is: How can I edit this page to replace this address on the second line with something more meaningful to me?

I have pored through the manual and searched this forum to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • sussamb 789 Points
    Where to, Saved cannot be edited directly. It will start with All saved places and then various categories depending on what categories, if any, you've allocated to your saved places. If you don't want a Category to display you need to delete any saved places in that category or edit them to delete them from that category.
  • Raputtak 0 Points
    Oh. I clicked the the address on the second line and deleted it. It also deleted the associated way point. Ah well. Never mind.

    Thanks anyway.
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