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City Navigator v2019.11

Just finished updating the map on my Garmin Driveluxe 50 to City Navigator North America v2019.11 with Garmin Express.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Really 2019.11? Garmin admitted there was an issue with 2019.10 and for a while appeared to withdraw it but then made it available again. Maybe it wasn't corrected at that time and 2019.11 is now the updated one.
  • mike41 38 Points
    2019.10 was reissued and loaded correctly on my devices a few weeks ago. The strange part was on my 60 devices it came with 3 device software updates. The 61 drive smart did not have the software updates.
    I noticed the opposite this time. no software updates on the 60 device but software updates on the 61 model. I have not yet downloaded the 1019.11 maps.
  • OldGeezer 51 Points
    I updated to 2019.10 in January. Last night Garmin Express showed 2019.11 was available. I installed it to my Driveluxe 50 and to my computer.
    The GPS shows I have CN North America NT 2019.10 Foursquare, and CN North America NT 2019.11 ALL installed. The computer shows City Navigator North America NT 2019.10.gmap installed.
  • Buck115 86 Points
    I updated my 3597 to 2019.10 when it was first released and I haven't experienced any problems with it so far. When I saw this thread I checked Garmin Express and sure enough 2019.11 is being offered. I might wait before I do this update!
  • alanb 557 Points
    My guess is that that Garmin created some support issues for themselves when they released the corrected 2019.10 without changing the version number (as they have done in the past with corrected map releases). So by pushing this out they will get more customers on the latest version.
  • mike41 38 Points
    Your guess might be correct. I downloaded the 2019.11 maps on DA 60 & 61 Smart Drive devices. Both loaded correctly and only took about 30 minutes each. Could be only a support issue to correct map number.
  • Odd. I went to update my Drivesmart 61 two weeks ago and it said that the 2018.x maps were the most current. I guess I should try again.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    They pulled the update for a while. Try again now.
  • Thanks.
  • The DriveSmart 61 failed half way into it using the WIFI. Message said to use Garmin Express instead. Hmmm...

    I'd have preferred to do it over the unit's wifi as my computer disconnects from wifi a couple times a day and I don't want it cutting out in the middle of an update.
  • Garmin Express managed to do the update to 2019.11
  • Bailey04 0 Points
    Where can I find the download for the updates?
  • t923347 532 Points
    Attach your GPS to your computer via the USB cable and open Garmin Express. GE will offer you the update if your are eligible for it.
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