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GPS II Plus getting routes, etc from Google Earth

I have 2 handheld Garmins. One is the II plus and the other is V. I realize that they are older, but I want to use them for navigating in my canoe. I have plotted several trips on Google Earth that I want to load. How can I load KMZ files to them? I have downloaded Basecamp, but it apparently isn't for my models.

Also, on the V how can I get it to find addresses or intersections? After entering streets that are on my map, I get a message saying cant find them.


  • ctcarton 0 Points
    Adding: I have a USB type cable that works both and have trips and waypoint manager V2. Apparently there is a unlock code, but I cannot find it
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited April 2018
    I think both of those devices have a RS-232 serial interface and not USB - right? If so, they will not be compatible with Basecamp. I don't have any devices quite that old, but my understanding is that Basecamp will not work with a USB to RS-232 adapter either.

    So you will need to use Mapsource, which is still available. Trip and Waypoint Manager was just a stripped down version of Mapsource. I assume that Basecamp is already installed on your computer? If not, then install it first. Even though it isn't compatible, it will place some resources on your computer that Mapsource needs.

    After installing Basecamp, install Mapsource

    You should now be able to communicate with your old devices. If you have a Google .kml or .kmz file, see if you can convert it to .gpx here:

    You should then be able to open the .gpx file in Mapsource (you may need to Choose All Files *.* from the dropdown menu). Use Transfer > Send to Device and make sure everything is checked.

    Now none of this will give you MAP for the GPS. Maps must be installed in Mapsource, then they can be sent to the GPS. On an old device with limited memory, you will probably only be able to load a very small map. You will find free maps at and you will also find tutorials for using Mapsource.
  • ctcarton 0 Points
    Thank you for the information. I have Mapsource loaded and have now transferred a route to the GPS V. I am unable to get it to recognize my GPS II Plus though. Probably because there is no map on it.
    Is there a program I can use to load a route to my GPS II Plus? Also, are there maps available to load to Mapsource?

    Thank you!
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Not at all familiar with the GPS II+ but here's the manual :

    Apparently it is not a mapping GPS, cannot load maps and doesn't have memory available to store them. There is only one reference to connecting it to a computer but no details about what kind of data can be transferred. IMO it's probably not worth wasting your time on.

    As I suggested above, there are lots of free user-contributed maps available at

    See the following tutorials there
  • ctcarton 0 Points
    I have been able to convert and save (KMZ to GPX). Mapsource does recognize both of my GPS's. The file can be loaded to the GPS but it saves as a track. It shows up on the screen of the GPS as a track, but cannot use it navigate. Is there a way to change the GPX to a route format with waypoints so that I can select it on my GPS and use as a route to follow?
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited April 2018
    This would be trivial with the GIS software I use, but that is an expensive program. I have not used it myself, but GPSBabel should be able to do it (I think GPSVisualizer is based on GPSBabel).

    See this page for information on converting data to different formats:
  • sussamb 941 Points
    Another way would be to load the track into BaseCamp which can convert tracks to routes ... the route could then be copied across into Mapsource.
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