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Garmin Smartphone Link Question

I just installed Smartphone Link on my iPhone. To my surprise - after reading some not so positive reviews - my RV 770 connected to the phone without any problems.

I have set the device now to give me all kinds of notifications. However, I'm wondering whether there is some kind of shortcut that can be used to let a notification disappear if it would should up at the wrong time (when I need to look at the map). Is there? I'm asking this here and now because I'd like to be prepared and I cannot test this right now on the device.


  • Notifications will appear on the right side of the screen, much like a junction view and will go away after 5 minutes or you can close it manually.
  • Regarding smart notifications: I am having the problem that the notification pop-up is only visible for less than a second then disappears. This is true also with the notification list where the entry is only there for a second or less. Anyone else with this problem. Garmin support suggested a master reset of garmin - same result.
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