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Nuvi 3590LMT power issue

My Nuvi 3590LMT is having a problem,originally saying a serial device connected to the unit has lost power and will shut down.
I believe it was referencing the power connector with the traffic antenna in it, so I replaced it but still got a unit lost power issue. Next I replaced the suction cup mount and it still does the same thing.
It appears to be getting worse and I believe it is temperature related as it seems to happen sooner on hotter sunny days.
I also tried using the micro usb port at the bottom of the unit with a cigarette lighter adapter and still get the same problem.
Has anybody seen this before? I guess a component is getting old so it is probably time to toss it and get a new unit.

After it loses power if I let it sit it will occasionally charge for a minute or so then quit charging. The battery seems fine and will run for almost an hour with no external power.


  • alanb 557 Points
    I would be tempted to replace the battery to see if that fixes the problem. A battery could be temperature sensitive. You can get a replacement battery on eBay in the $10 to $20 range, so you will not be out a lot if that doesn't fix it. If replacing the battery doesn't help, there may be a problem with the internal electronics.
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