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Sending Basecamp route data to Nuvi 1450

Please forgive me if there is an existing thread (which I could not find) on this subject. I am attempting to create a route in Basecamp, then send to my Garmin Nuvi 1450. The process is all good, except when reviewing the resulting route in the device it doesn't follow the route planned in Basecamp, it always chooses the fastest, or the shortest, depending on how the device is set. Can anyone advise if this anomaly can be rectified?
Thanks, Barry


  • alanb 550 Points
    After you transfer the route from BaseCamp to your 1490, are you going to "MyFiles", then "Import route from file" on the 1490 menu system?

    The 1490 has the old style "custom routes" feature, not the "Trip Planner" included in the newer devices. These older devices need to manually import the routes after they are transferred. Also be aware that these older devices do not support shaping points in a route, so you must include hard waypoints to shape the route the way you want it.
  • bobrien 0 Points
    Hi alanb,
    The device is a Nuvi 1450, and yes I import the route from "My Files" and the route is evident, however the device re-maps the data to a different route, depending on how the device is set (Shortest, or fastest)
    I suspected I might need to create hard way points but I am trying to avoid that. I am happy to purchase a new device however if that will solve the problem. You confirmed my suspicions,

  • sussamb 827 Points
    Afraid you will either need to create hard waypoints or use a device that accepts shaping points, generally devices from 2013 onwards. Even then there is no absolute guarantee that the route you send will follow the BC route exactly. You still need to check it does and insert more points if necessary.
  • Boyd 1992 Points
    bobrien said:

    I suspected I might need to create hard way points but I am trying to avoid that.

    How did you create the route in Basecamp? Did you just enter a start and end point? If so, then the results you got on your computer probably won't match the route on any GPS.
  • bobrien 0 Points
    The route I created in Basecamp started out as "start" and "end" points then I shaped the route to follow the roads I wanted to follow. I am planning a route for a car rally, and wish to have the route on my device. These are real roads (All sealed roads) that exist on the Basecamp (and google) maps. I am happy to buy a new device if someone could inform me with a degree of confidence that it will do the trick. I should be able to get this information from the retailer but I doubt the sales attendants would be across the technology. I was trying to avoid having an excess of "Hard Waypoints" which would only make using the device more cumbersome.
  • alanb 550 Points
    If you change those shaping points (the points where you dragged the route to a different road) to hard waypoints, there is a good chance that the route will be preserved on the 1450. The downside of doing that is that the nuvi navigation will expect you to pass through each waypoint. If you skip a waypoint, it will try to route you back to the missed point.

    Any of the newer Drive x0 or Drive x1 models have the Trip Planner app which supports true shaping points, so they should preserve the transferred BaseCamp route if you are using the same map version in BaseCamp that is on your device. But as sussamb said, you still have to check the transferred route to make sure it didn't get changed.
  • bobrien 0 Points
    Thanks for all of your assistance. I will look into purchasing a new device.
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