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where is an asc to csv converter, does anyone know or is it a silly question. I wish to convert POI from a French web site to my new Garmin drivesmart 61 with which I am not nearly so pleased as I expected. Why did TomTom stop offering the ability to load ones own POI. Can anyone help please?


  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited June 2018
    I am not familiar with .asc files, but have a look at gpsbabel:

    It may do what you want:

    TomTom POI file (.asc) (tomtom_asc)

    This format can...

    read and write waypoints

    This format is derived from the xcsv format, so it has all of the same options as that format.

    With this format you can read and write TomTom Points of Interest - POI (ascii) files. It is a simple text (csv) format with only latitude, longitude and a short name.
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    Open the asc file up with notepad or similar and take a look. That site suggests asc is already in comma separated values (csv). Each line should look like -


    each field being separated by a comma.

    If that is the case the fields are in the correct order for a Garmin points of interest file, all you need to do is save/rename the file from xxxxxx.asc to xxxxxx.csv

    The Garmin points of interest loader should then pick it up
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    edited July 2018
    Would have been useful to know if the original poster found the suggestions helped or at least posted a thank you for trying!
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    I try to help when I can, but stopped expecting a "thank you" years ago. ;)
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