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Traffic Receiver not "compatible" with RV 770

I recently bought a BC 30 backup camera for my RV 770 and thought that one additional benefit would be that the 12 volt power adapter that comes with the camera does also work as a traffic receiver. However, when I today wanted to check the traffic function the RV 770 displayed a message saying that "the connected power cable is not compatible with traffic for this device" (and I was, of course, using the power cable that came with the camera). The camera was switched off at this time.

According to Garmin's website the BC 30 comes with a traffic receiver power cable (which is also necessary to transmit the signal from the camera) and is compatible with the RV 770.

Is there anything that I can do to make this work?

I have to say that I am anyway quite disappointed by the camera. The picture quality is, politely said, very poor - for $170 I would expect something much better. If now also the traffic does not work I might return the camera.


  • desertman 34 Points
    After a lengthy chat with Garmin it is clear that the RV 770 cannot get traffic information through a traffic receiver. Traffic works only with the help of an app from Garmin on a connected smart phone which means it needs cellular data.
  • Boyd 2045 Points
    Garmin has been going in that direction, it makes their devices cheaper since they can leave out the traffic receiver and just use Bluetooth. My DriveSmart 61 is also like this.
  • t923347 533 Points
    I suspect the app your referring to is Garmin's SmartPhone Link. If so, I wouldn't worry about data usage. The traffic reporting via this app is much better than anything you'd ever get from your traffic receiver and the data usage, if there is any, is minimal.
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