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Unexpected bahaviour by my nuvi. 2569

There I was happily navigating through Northern France when the nuvi display changed from a helpful map with directions to a screen telling me it was in Garmin Express mode. I disconnected it, turned it off, swore at it a bit and after a few minutes reconnected it and it has been as good as gold since. Any ideas why this could have happened?


  • Boyd 1992 Points
    For some reason it decided that you connected it to a computer. Could have been caused by a number of things, such as a problem with the power adapter, problem with the USB plug or socket, faulty internal component, software bug or various other things.

    If it continues to happen, try using a different power adapter if you have one.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Check also you have no dirt in the socket in your device. I had that once and it caused a similar issue. Disconnecting and reconnecting could have moved/cleared the dirt. In my case it was a very small piece of leaf!
  • jonnop 101 Points
    All looks ok now. Technology, where would we be without it?
  • Chris_Sav 126 Points
    edited July 2018
    jonnop said:

    Technology, where would we be without it?

    Lost!! That's why we use satnavs!! :))
  • jonnop 101 Points
    But I always carry maps - just in case of satnav refusing to work ( or giving silly directions).
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