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Junction View caught red handed

Ever since Garmin introduced Junction View I have casually observed that the lane assist arrows on top left (or whatever Garmin calls them. The manuals I have checked don't give the top left arrows a name) appear less often and instead show the far less useful turn direction arrow with no lane information.

Today I was going on a route and noticed that 5 arrows appeared on the top left with the right two indicating to be in either of the two right lanes for my upcoming exit from I-93 to I-95. This appeared before Junction View popped up. Less than 30 seconds later Junction View appeared and the lane assist lanes and arrows disappeared and were replaced by the useless turn right arrow with no lanes. Clear evidence that Junction View suppresses Lane Assist.

Just saying....

I don't always get around to killing the *.jvc file when I do a map update. Just killed it


  • alanb 557 Points
    edited July 2018
    You are absolutely correct. I have had Garmin devices since both Junction View and lane assist features were introduced on the 7x5 series. In that first release, both features were few and far between, but with each map update, new intersections and interchanges were added to both features. Then about the time Garmin introduced the "Active Lane Guidance" and "Real Directions" features, they started reducing the number of Lane Assist arrows. Likewise, they are removing some static junction views when they add the Active Lane Guidance view. It is just another example of where "Garmin giveth and Garmin taketh away". :(( Note that if your device supports Active Lane Guidance, disabling Junction View does not remove the Active Lane Guidance views.
  • crazyfingers 115 Points
    Active Lane Guidance is just annoying most of the time.

    Based on your comment and my observation, I wonder if Garmin is actually eliminating the map data used by the lane assist arrows or if the programming is just suppressing the use of it. My experience today suggests it's suppressing it.
  • alanb 557 Points
    It very well could be. I haven't observed it with Lane Assist, but have noticed that on my older devices without Active Lane Guidance, I get more static Junction Views for a given trip (in simulation mode) than I do on the newer devices with Active Lane Guidance. Now whether Garmin has removed the views from the JCV file on those newer models or just suppressed them, I don't know. My guess is they just suppress them.
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