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Garmin drive smart

I have my Garmin drive smart for arround a year.
The map from the app is pretty basic and almost useless only the major roads are on it. If you want to see the smaller roads you have to zoom so far in that it's hard to know exactly where you are if you zoom out again the smaller roads dissappear . But you can use Google maps and if you click share you can share it with the Garmin app on your phone the Garmin app will sent it than to the drive smart and that is brilliant.
The biggest problem I still have is the screen that is way to shiny sometimes it is in possible to see the directions because of the reflective light.


  • alanb 557 Points
    edited September 2018
    I am a little confused. Your post is about the Garmin DriveSmart device, but then you talk about a Garmin app on your phone that interfaces with Google Maps and your DriveSmart. What app is that?

    In terms of the screen reflection problem, you may need to do some experimenting with different mounting locations and angles on your DriveSmart.
  • No that will not help a lot after trying for a year I do know.
    The app is on google playstore and is the garmin smart phone e link. So you put a marker on the google map than click share and than you can share it with the garmin app
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