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Planning a trip from Hermosa Beach to Ventura Beach

I'm having once again problems to create a trip for my RV 770.

I want to go from an address in Hermosa Beach, CA to the Rincon Parkway Campground in Ventura, CA (4668 Pacific Coast Hwy, Ventura, CA 93001). The trouble starts with the RV 770 not finding this RV (!) Campground by its name - I have to put in the exact address. Bad enough for an RV navigation device.

However, what seems to be impossible is to tell the device to go all the way from Hermosa Beach to Ventura on the Pacific Coast Highway (CA Highway One). Is there any way to get this done the way I want to drive (and not how Garmin thinks I should drive)?


  • DerekW 232 Points
    If you tell the device that you want to go via Malibu it should give you a Route 1 option.

    In cases like this I set up destinations along the route, these are easily accessed vi the Recent or History function and as you go along the route you select the next but one destination just before you enter the last previously entered / selected destination, this will give you the optimal route through the next town.
  • desertman 4 Points
    edited October 2018
    How exactly do I do this? If your second paragraph is meant to be an explanation for the first - I don't understand it. This specific route is a new route for me - there is no "recent" or "history" in it. And, just to make it clear, I am in Arizona now and want to create a trip in California.

    Can I first create a trip with start and destination and add then - when I see that the device chose a route different from the one I want - step by step more "destinations" between start point and end point? If so, how?

    Thanks for your help!
  • I might have found a solution. I'm not exactly clear how I did it.

    I chose to search close to my starting point, searched for Malibu, saw a detailed map with a point in the middle of Malibu set (which I, of course, don't want - I want to stay on Highway One), moved the point on the map on the device from the middle of the city to the highway, and clicked "Next."

    What I see now on the map overview looks very much like a route that is all the way on Highway One.

    If this is the way how to do it I would be very happy. I will have to do it a couple of more times to get really used to it. One thing is clear, though: without an additional map this can not be done.

    Derek, your post encouraged me to play with this. Thanks a lot for that. If you have more tips - please let me know.
  • DerekW 232 Points
    I am in the UK so I used Google Maps to see what is involved, Google initially took me along the main highway, I asked it to route via Malibu. From this I could id the various points where decisions are to be made.

    So while in the UK I could setup the decision points and run a series of short journies while actually making the drive. In the US routees are pretty simple my favourite voice instruction from the SatNav was "Turn right in 169 miles". Page to Cortez gives me this instruction!

    I do not use Via points as you cannot predict where actually the device will try and take you to, so I change the destination just before entering the town where I know I will have to change roads.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    I invariably use viapoints. I don't quite follow your reason for not using them as they've always worked perfectly well for me.
  • DerekW 232 Points
    I have had experience where a selected via point was not exactly passed through eg the town selected as the via point required me to drive into the centre wheras the correct route was to turn off to go to the next via point before getting to the centre.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Well that's an incorrectly placed point. On newer devices unless I have to go exactly there, eg a fuel stop, I use shaping points since these can be easily bypassed.
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