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Updates for garmin drive smart

2 weeks ago I updated mh Garmin drive smart. It is misbehaving ever since turning itself on and
a full screen off white and black horizontal stripes. So be warned do not update if you are still happy with what you have.
Anny advice from someone? I was thinking to try an update again and hope that it will get better.
I am in touch with Garmin europe as well but they asked for pictures now thats harder as you think because the horizontal lines are there only for a few seconds and after that it turns itself off and starts again. Sometimes it works fine and than it happens again.



  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited November 2018
    stoffie said:

    do not update if you are still happy with what you have.

    That has been my policy with every Garmin device I've owned, going back well over 10 years. :)

    However, it should be straightforward to revert to the old firmware. Find the version you want in this archive

    After downloading the .gcd file, change the name to


    Then copy the file to the hidden .System folder on the DriveSmart and restart the device. It should warn that you are attempting to install an older version of the firmware. Proceed with the installation and when the GPS restarts it will be running the old firmware again.

    Now if any of this sounds confusing... DON'T DO IT! But it should be very straightforward. Of course, you should do a full backup of your device before attempting this... but you should be doing regular backups anyway. The firmware is actually stored in an area of memory that you can't directly access.
  • Thanks for your help.
    I try it later if I have some time to fiddle around. I will follow-up and let you know.
    Regards Hans
  • sussamb 956 Points
    Before you revert have you done a master reset?
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Yes, that is always the first thing you should try when you have issues after a firmware update. Definitely give that a try first.
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