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How to free up space Garmin Drive 60

On the NUVI and older Garmins you could connect to your PC and remove voice files and language files . I see no option on my Street 60. Can it be done on the Street ? Do I have to add the memory card ?

Thank You



  • sussamb 956 Points
    You can do the same on the newer models though I'm confused by your mention of Street 60? Do you mean Drive Smart 60?
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited December 2018
    You can certainly do the same. Of course, you will have to change from MTP mode to mass storage mode in order to access some of the files (which was also the case on the Nuvi since around 2010 or so).
  • Rado 33 Points
    First Thanks for the fast reply, Second YES the Drive 60 , I'm old lol
    Great info I will give it a try and again Thank You for your time and help

  • Rado 33 Points
    I followed your advice and freed up alot of space on my Drive 60 . I tried it today as I have Drive 51 coming today so if I messed u I have a back up lol I just keep a Garmin in my truck and car ! Again Thank You for your help
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