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Drive 51 ?

I just picked up a Drive 51, Yes basic I have the Drive 60 LMT for my POV. and 2 more Gamins :O The Drive 51 has a camera pic in the upper right corner and I assume it is for a back up camera but if you touch it it sounds like it is snapping a pic :O FYI no Back up camera or any camera ! Could not find any info in the manual yet! Is there a way to disable or remove it ? I assume that would free up space when needed ? I know a simple question but I am not too tech savvy ! Thanks



  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited December 2018
    Somehow you have activated the screenshot feature. It has nothing to do with backup cameras. That icon will appear in the corner, and whenever you tap it an image of your screen will be saved in the Screenshots folder on the device. This is the same feature that every automotive device has had for the last 10 years or more, surprised you have never noticed it before.

    Anyway, just go to the display menu and you will be able to disable it. One thing that seems to be different on the newest models is that this setting is "persistent". In other words, the icon will continue to appear until you manually disable it in the display settings. On older devices, it would automatically reset to "off" everytime you restarted or woke the device.

    By the way... what is a "POV"? :)
  • Rado 33 Points
    POV = Private Owned Vehicle :) A Military thing lol Just did it and you were right :) Thank You for the fast reply and the help. I knew is was something simple ,:) like me simple lol. Since I picked up my New Gamins it has been a learning curve ! I do not use all the features yet but and learning , Thanks again and Happy Holidays

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