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DRIVE 51 Clock ?

When I have Just the map on, not doing a route the Clock does not show up like on my old NUVI ! It does show up if I go to main screen w/no map just menu ,
I have searched setting and see no option to have it on or off.
Anyway to have it on? Not a big deal but nice being able to see the clock,
Yes I have one on the radio but I am anal lol



  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited December 2018
    When you look at the map as you drive without a route, what shows in the tab at the bottom right of the screen? Does it say something like "Direction - NE"? If so, press that tab. You should then have a menu with several choices for data to display, and one of the choices should be the time. I don't think this has changed, the Nuvi should be the same but the style of the menu and button is different.
  • Rado 33 Points
    Again Thank you for your help ! That did it. I figured it was easy but not being tech savy not easy for me lol. Little by little I am figuring out my new Garmin's. , Nothing link learning something new :)
    Happy Holidays and again Thank You for your help !

  • Boyd 2009 Points
    Glad I could help, and all the best to you as well! :)
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