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NUVI 1450 with No Menu Selection Arrows

Hello, I recently upgraded the software and maps on my NUVI 1450 and now the menu selections arrows are gone. In some cases I can press all over the screen and find a selection. I reset the device and now must select a region. I can scroll through the regions, but cannot see or find where to select the region. Not sure how to downgrade the software or troubleshoot this issue.


  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited December 2018
    You can download old firmware here

    But it looks like the most recent update for your device is this file from 2015.

    This is the previous version, from 2012

    I just can't remember... does the 14xx series have the hidden .System Folder? If so, you will need to download the firmware file from the site above, change its name to GUPDATE.GCD, and copy it to the hidden .system folder.

    If your device doesn't have a hidden .System folder, I believe you must copy the file to the Garmin folder. Here's how to access the hidden folder, if necessary


    When you restart the device, it will ask if you want to install the older firmware. Confirm this and then just wait for the process to complete. You should have it plugged into external power during this procedure.
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