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Garmin Drive 50LMT Traffic Problem

I've had my Drive 50 for over a year now and a couple of times the live traffic has quit operating. I was able to get it working again by going into the diagnostic menus by pressing View Map then Speed then pressing and holding on MPH until the menus appear. From there I'd go to Developer Info/Traffic/Traffic Receiver Dashboard and try "Test RDS" and "Norm" a few times and it would start working. However, about 6 weeks ago it quit again and I'm having no luck in getting it to display traffic. The "Traffic Receiver Dashboard" shows it's scanning and finding all our local FM stations, displaying what looks to me as good RSSI ( 48 to 52 ) and SNR (30) but there is never a Lock which I would assume must happen to receive traffic info.
I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this?
Thanks, Mike
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