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New Garmin Drive models for 2019

The major things I have picked out so far …
Models include Drive 52, DriveSmart 55, DriveSmart 65
Built in traffic receiver (Garmin eliminated the bundled traffic receiver in the 2017 models)
3D terrain views available again (eliminated on previous Drive models)
Smartphone Link app replaced with Drive app including free weather and traffic cameras
No replacement for the DriveLuxe series.


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited January 7
    Thanks Alan, was meaning to check and see if Garmin had announced anything for CES. That DriveSmart 65 sure looks like the same hardware as my DriveSmart 61. Would be nice to have the 3d terrain, but we know that Garmin won't do that with a firmware update (even though they could). ;)

    The 5.5" edge to edge screen on the DriveSmart 55 looks nice.

    But I wonder if they brought back the 3d map browser from the Nuvi 3xxx? I liked that better than the DriveSmart 61, which has the old map browser. The screenshot below might be a clue.... a major difference in the 3d browser was that it showed the sky and horizon, but this appears to have the horizon at the top edge of the screen, like the DriveSmart 61. So they have probably just added 3d terrain withoug changing anything else.

    Can't see anything here that would make me want to upgrade, but it's nice to see they have at least introduced some new devices and brought back 3d terrain.

  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    edited January 8
    It looks like Garmin has dumped the dashcam model. Its a shame, I wish they kept it. I have the driveassist 51 and cant think of getting a new unit without it.

    Is garmin drive going to replace the smartphone link or is it only work with these new models?
  • t923347 426 Points
    Zemartelo said:

    It looks like Garmin has dumped the dashcam model. Its a shame, I wish they kept it. I have the driveassist 51 and cant think of getting a new unit without it.

    Is garmin drive going to replace the smartphone link or is it only work with these new models?

    It will only work (at least for now) with the new GPS models and the Speak devices:

    Drive App-compatible Garmin devices (iOS or Android)

    Garmin Dash Cam 45
    Garmin Dash Cam 55
    Garmin Dash Cam 65W
    Garmin DriveSmart 55LMT
    Garmin DriveSmart 65LMT
    Garmin Speak
    Garmin Speak Plus
  • truckinguy 115 Points
    I'll buy one.. I know they'll be better in their own ways as Garmin always does to each new model. Seems they are listening to folks.. now traffic cable is included..for those without cell phones and Smart link is still there. Live track is gone.
    I like the Nat park data. I go to many of them a year across the USA and I now use files from other sources which can be wacked out and hoaky. Ask me how I know..

  • Are the drivesmart 65 gps devices actually out yet?
    Has anyone actually bought one yet and posted a review anywhere?
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    My local Best Buy shows the Drive 52, Drivesmart 55 and 65 in stock.
  • mike41 38 Points
    They are out. I have purchased one. It is very similar to the 61 devices but uses Garmin Drive as an app. This app is totally worthless. There are some changes in the device firmware that are nice.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited February 20
    Based on your post in another thread, I gather that the reason you find the Drive app "totally worthless" is because the older Smart Link app allowed you to perform tasks like viewing weather, traffic, parking, etc. directly on your phone, but the new Drive App has removed these features, and they are only available through menus on the DriveSmart 65. Is that right?

    So I guess it depends on exactly what you expect... if you don't want to use the app directly on your phone, you would still have all the features on the GPS itself. Personally, the only thing I ever use the Smart Link app for is traffic on my DriveSmart 61. And it has been a pain about connecting through bluetooth at times.

    But we probably shouldn't be surprised that Garmin is simplifying their apps. The killed the StreetPilot App (that was only available on iOS) last year. They killed the Navigon app for Android and iOS within the past year or two. They killed the Viago app for Android/iOS about 9 months after introducing it. And now they have stopped development of Basecamp and MapInstall.... leaving a major bug that prevents you from sending maps from Basecamp to your GPS along with a 32-bit program that will break with the next version of MacOS.

    See the pattern? >:)
  • mike41 38 Points
    I see the pattern. Good thoughts.

    I guess I will start liking Apple car play in my vehicle.

    I have been a customer of other Garmin products. Might have to look at Apple for these uses also.

    Thank you
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited February 21
    FWIW, the pattern that I see is that Garmin is really only interested in selling hardware, not wasting time developing or maintaining automotive apps. So they stripped the Drive app down to the minimum that was required to provide connected services on the GPS. And they got rid of StreetPilot, Viago and Navigon because they don't want to maintain them... but also because they don't want to sell apps that compete with their own hardware sales.

    Then they are dumping Basecamp because they don't want to maintain it, and don't really think anyone wants to do route planning on their computer anyway. And they are also no longer interested in supporting third party maps that depend on MapInstall to put them on the GPS.

    Nice job, Garmin.

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