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STAY away from Subaru with NAV

Is this correct forum for such a discussion? Or go to a Subaru webpage elsewhere?

I have 2018 Legacy with onboard NAV and it is useless unless you never want to leave town or have more than 20 favorites. I've complained to them online - no response other than "Sorry you feel that way". Local dealer 'feels my pain' but there really is nothing he CAN do.

IF I TYPE I can find places... restaurants, shops,etc but the VOICE recognition part is gawd-awful. I've tried to " Find" places that have been there for 30 years and bad results.
You may have heard me SCREAMING until I realized not to even TRY. In the parking lot of restaurant and tell it to FIND ' name'. It comes up with a name that is close - but 800 miles away. Local places that have been there for 40 years. AWFUL. If I TYPE it, it is IN there but apparently NOTHING is categorized - by their categories! OR the voice interpreter is pitiful.
THEN they have SO MANY categories !
Rather than a Garmin than has BROAD top-level categories... Govt, Food, Local, Subaru has
no big folders like that.
At TOP-level - 'Embassy' is one choice. HOW MANY PEOPLE need immediate access to embassy info. SO you have to scroll through... 200 lines AND READ THEM to get to something useful. On a GARMIN, Food- Fast-Food or Seafood,etc.
Choose restaurant in a Subaru and there must be 60 sub-categories. Really: African, Afghan, and if using a VOICE command I have to KNOW them all and be able to categorize each?
I don't know exact limit to favorites, but I'd say .. maybe 30. And good luck trying to find one you want if you're on a trip. You could be 500 miles from home and RATHER than showing the ones you are NEAR, it lists them alphabetically - even if 500 miles away from some and 8 miles away from others.

Don't EVER, EVER buy built in NAV if you travel.

I told my dealer - I use the Subaru NAV screen to mount my Garmin GPS.

If there's a Subaru rep out there who wants feedback... I'm your guy.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited January 2019
    rjschmoe said:

    Is this correct forum for such a discussion? Or go to a Subaru webpage elsewhere?

    You are complaining about a Subaru feature in a forum for TomTom GPS devices. Does TomTom make the Subaru GPS? I doubt it. Anyway, nobody participates the TomTom forum here anymore. So I'd say it is the wrong forum, and this is also the wrong website to complain about built-in automotive GPS units. Uers primarily come to gpsreview to discuss Garmin handheld and automotive units. We have this forum, but nobody really participates there anymore:

    If you are unhappy with a Subaru product, why not contact your Subaru dealer?
  • t923347 533 Points
    Or Subaru Support if you are in US or Canada:

    1 (800) 782-2783

  • Tim 1500 Points
    Boyd said:

    Does TomTom make the Subaru GPS? I doubt it.

    No, they don't make the navigation app. It is Harman Kardon hardware. However TomTom's maps are used on the deice so you see their logo occasionally. (I have a 2018 Outback.)
  • Ok.. Ill go away. For others...
    I have dealt with dealer. It was replaced. Same issues.

    I do use Garmin , but saw TomTom section here too.
    Dealer had told me TomTom did GPS part of H-K system.
    Subaru website gives no "help" other than contact dealer . I did.

  • I use Android Auto with Waze or Garmin maps
    All the car manufactures Maps are just the basic
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