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"Searching in" or "searching near" erase

I have a garmin nuvi 2597lmt. I bought it used on Ebay. When I input an address it always says "Searching in" or "searching near" and gives me a city (chicago) or a bunch of states (illnois, ohio, etc). I reset it to factory specs and I cleared the travel history. When I then do a search for an address it takes forever because it is only searching in the states and area programmed. Then it asks for a state to "refine the results". When I enter PA it goes right to the address immediately. It's very frustrating to have to go through that many steps to find an address. Any help would be VERY appreciated. Thanks,
A frustrated but loving Nuvi owner.


  • privet01 227 Points
    If you are talking about searches after pressing the "Where to" button, then press the part of the screen that says "searching near:" and then select a relevant option from the list. For me it's usually "My Destination" or "A Different City".

    Then you should get quicker finds.
  • That was it. Thanks. I didn't realize you could push the "searching near" to change it. I couldn't find anything about it in the manual.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    majik624 said:

    I couldn't find anything about it in the manual.

    Glad you figured it out. But I'm wondering if you really read the manual, because this is covered on page two. :)

    Changing the Search Area
    1 From the main menu, select Where To?.
    2 Select Searching Near.
    3 Select an option.
  • privet01 227 Points
    edited February 2019
    When you have time to play, you should take your nuvi, drivesmart or whatever you have and touch the different items in various parts of the screen and see what they do. Particularly the map screen. There are all kinds of things buried behind them waiting to provide you with useful information or additional function.

    Whether or not they are all documented, I can't say.
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