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Add to active route...... gone from voice command options??

I've had my Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMTS since about May of 2018. When I first got it, it seemed that I was able to get the "Add to active route" option when adding more stops to a route in progress, irregardless of whether I was manually picking a place and selecting "go" or using voice command saying "navigate". Then an update seemed to make that option not available most of the time for voice command.

It's been over a month since I've seen that option come up when using voice commands. Does anyone else know if Garmin removed that ability from the voice command structure? I miss it quite a bit as frequently now in my driving I'm having to add multiple stops to my route.

If there were an option on the "change route" to get to the edit active route screen it wouldn't be missed so much. But as far as I've found, the only way to get to the edit active route screen is to manually add another destination to the route. Something that sometimes can be pretty lengthy to do while driving.

Any of you still get the "add to active route" option when using voice commands?
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