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Waypoint lat/long & coordinates

I have setup my eTrex20x to display positions in NZ Transverse Mercator coodinates, (TM), as these are easier to use in conjunction with a paper map. The eTrex default setup appears to be to display in lat/long. However, when the waypoints are downloaded they are still listed in lat/long not TM coordinates even though they display on the eTrex screen as TM coordinates. Is there any way to record the waypoints in TM coordinates?
Thanks in advance for any help,
John Elliot


  • sussamb 956 Points
    edited February 2019
    When you say the waypoints are downloaded I assume you mean into BaseCamp or similar program? As far as I'm aware that's the way all Garmin GPS work, the conversion from lat/long is done in the device and when you export the data it's always in lat/long. If you want exported data in another format it must be done after it's exported.
  • Thanks for that reply - not what I was hoping for! Yes, I was referring to the waypoints downloaded to my laptop using HomePort; (Is BaseCamp better?). Rather strange that the Garmin can do the conversion in the device but cannot record that conversion in the waypoint list. Anyway I've found a site that can do the conversion after the data has been exported - a nuisance but not a major problem.
    Regards, John
  • sussamb 956 Points
    Not sure why you're using Homeport unless you use your device on the water? BaseCamp is very similar but is what most users would use. BaseCamp allows you to select the relevant data format, does Homeport not allow that?
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