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Nuvi 2597 search returns results it can't find


My Nuvi 2597 has had this issue forever, and updating maps and firmware haven't helped: I start searching for a destination, and the Nuvi will show possible matches. But the list is presents includes matches which don't exist.

Example: While In WA I start typing "okan" and among the autocomplete results is "Okanagan, Washington". I select this but get "Cannot find search results for "Okanagan, Washington"". OK, it is spelled "Okanogan" so I search for that, but then it offers "Okanogan, Washington" which it also can't find. Finally I select "Okanogan, WA" and get what I'm looking for.

Where does it get search results that it can't find, and why does it offer them? Is there a fix for it? Do newer Nuvi models have this problem?



  • privet01 221 Points
    edited March 11
    I have this, or at least a similar thing with my Drivesmart 61 lmts. I have not gotten around to asking about it or looking into it yet.

    In my case, I'll be searching for a place near my destination and it will auto complete on the name of the business, yet when select it to complete the search I get a message saying it can't find the place.

    Wish I had an example, but I can't remember one which is one reason I've not asked. However I've had it happen more than a dozen times in the last ten months. I want to say it seems to happen on longer trips of 400 plus miles.

    Since I'm already driving before finding this out, I resort to an address search and use that. Or resort to my phone and use google maps which with the power of their servers is much better at voice commands and finds places you ask for even when you don't know the exact name of the place.
  • JD293 0 Points
    Thanks for this. At least now I know there's no point trying to upgrade it away.
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