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Oregon 750 firmware version 4.40

After updating my 750 to the newest version (4.40) the receiver now displays decimal minute coordinates to 4 decimals where the previous version displayed only 3, for my uses 3 decimals are preferred. In searching through settings I found setup/system/interface/Garmin spanner/minute precision that gives me options to set the precision to 2, 3, or 4 decimals but no matter what I set this to the receiver displays 4 decimals.

After rolling back the firmware version to the previous (4.20) I got 3 decimals back, found the same setting, but again changing this had no effect on the way coordinates were displayed. After making a call to Garmin support and walking a representative through the path to this setting he stated that he had never seen this before, it appeared to be undocumented, but still could not help in regards to the number of decimals displayed.

My questions: Is anyone else aware of this setting? Is there a bug in this particular setting or is it actually changing the minute precision in some place I can't see, internally maybe?

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