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City Navigator NA 2019-20 SD Card version - SD Card Size

I have not posted here in years but my Dakota 20 was getting real sluggish and I have a bicycle tour coming up so I bought a Oregon 700. My 2012 City Navigator NA SD card maps are not recognized by the 700 although they still work in the Dakota 20 and BaseCamp. I'm looking at getting a new City Navigator NA SD card version 2019-20 and would like to know two things that the documentation for the SD card doesn't show (at least I can't find it anywhere):

1) What is the size of the micro SD card that City Navigator North America version 2019-20 comes on?
2) What available space is left on the card for other maps, data, pictures, etc. ?

If the size is small and / or the remaining space on the card is small I will probably get the CD version of City Navigator and the largest micro SD card that works in the Oregon 700.

Thanks in advance for a reply.

Cycledog (Ride the extra mile!!)


  • alanb 557 Points
    I don't know the answers to your questions, but I am surprised your 2012 card does not work in the Oregon 700. That is a real bummer.
  • sussamb 956 Points
    edited March 2019
    Generally there is very little space left on Garmin map cards, you may find that if you call Garmin Product Support they could answer that for you. As for buying the cd version, I'm not sure those are still available although some 3rd party vendors may have some left, although they won't be the latest maps.
  • Cycledog 82 Points
    With the 2012 card in when the unit is booting up I get a message. Something like "does not recognize map, contact your map vendor."

    Maybe I'll have to get the download version and put it on a large SD card.

    You would think Garmin would put City Navigator on a large SD Card and charge a few more bucks for it to make units with the card much more functional.

    Cycledog (Ride the extra mile!!)
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Guys.... you are really showing your age here. Garmin hasn't sold maps on a "CD" for almost 20 years. I think you mean "DVD". ;)

    But, as @sussamb said, Garmin stopped selling maps on DVD a number of years ago. So if you find one somewhere, it is going to pretty old or possibly even bogus. I don't think this is a viable option anymore.

    I also don't understand why your old map won't work on the Oregon. Are you sure the card slot is working properly on the Oregon? You could test it with another card. According to this, the stand-alone version of City Navigator is 2.5gb

    I agree, in the past Garmin has been pretty stingy with SD card sizes, but I doubt they could find a card smaller than 4gb. Can you even get one that small today? However, I think it's a very bad idea to install other maps on a Garmin card, since you risk corrupting it. Have you stored other files on your old City Navigator card? If so, I would remove those files and see if perhaps they were causing a problem. Have you used a Macintosh with the old memory card? If so, it may contain some hidden files that are creating a problem on the Oregon. This has been a problem on some older devices, but I haven't read about it recently.

    Will you need to use the City Navigator map on more than one device? The fact that you are still using a Dakota suggests that you don't upgrade very often. ;) You will have a lot more versatility if you just purchase the download version of City Navigator and install it on a 16gb memory card. You can backup that version of the map and put it on more than one card if you like. And Garmin will allow you to download it again for 12 months if you have a problem. The only difference from the pre-loaded card is that it will be locked to your Oregon.

    FWIW, according to Garmin, 32gb is the largest card that works on the Oregon 700 - see this

  • Boyd 2043 Points
    @Cycledog - looks like we both posted at the same time. I would try using Javawa Device Manager (it's free) to scan your 2012 SD card. It may help you diagnose (or even fix) the problem with the map. AFAIK, there is really no reason why a 2012 map shouldn't work on a new GPS.
  • Cycledog 82 Points
    That info is pretty helpful. Yes the SD card on the Dakota and the Dakota itself are filled with all kinds of waypoints, routes, & tracks. That's is probably what is making the Dakota sluggish as well. I'll try your suggestions. It looks like some cleanup is in order.
    I was searching for "DVD" when I wrote earlier but couldn't unlock it from my gray matter when I wrote above. I guess I am showing my age. Even if I get the old SD card working I'll probably get a current version of CNNA as I tried to navigate to a couple of remote cafe's in a bike tour in the southeast last spring and found the places boarded up.
    Who knows, when I'm done I may actually have two perfectly working handhelds to carry around with my other electronic gear in future tours.
    Thanks again for your help. Your the best!
    Cycledog (Ride the extra mile!!)
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Happy to help. There is another thing that might cause what you describe. Where did you purchase the 2012 map? Was it from Garmin or another well-know reputable source? The reason I ask is that there are evidently a lot of phony City Navigator SD cards for sale on eBay and other sites. Basecamp doesn't really care about copy protection, and a device as old as the Dakota may not be very picky either. But the Oregon 700 may check maps more carefully for authenticity.

    Anyway, assuming that it is a real Garmin card, I would back everything up to a folder on your computer before making any changes to files on the card. Then you will be able to re-install, just in case you delete something you shouldn't. :)
  • Cycledog 82 Points
    I looked it up I bought it from Cabellas (where I purchased the Dakota). I also purchased TOPO 100K on DVD at the same time. Something is odd though, I purchased the items on 12/23/09 but the CNNA is version 2012.40. Does that make sense?
  • Cycledog 82 Points
    I take that back I purchased the Dakota and the TOPO maps in Dec 2009 but I purchased the CNNA from BP Navi GPS store online on 4/25/12.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    @Cycledog you can find Garmin map update dates here.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    BP Navi GPS Store? Never heard of that before. ;)
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    If I recall correctly didnt the sdcard get married to the first device as protection? By trying it in another device the copy protection kicks in.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited March 2019
    I think your recollection is faulty. :) Maps that are sold on pre-loaded SD cards can be used in any device - that is their advantage. The copy protection ties the map to the hardware ID of the original SD card, so it cannot be duplicated.

    Downloaded maps are tied to a specific device. The way this works, you must connect the desired GPS to your computer before you can purchase a downloadable map from Garmin. This is how they associate it with your specific device. After purchasing the map, it can then be used on any SD card or internal memory. But only on the original GPS that you used when the map was purchased.
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    Do you have a NUVI? try the card in it and see if the map is recognized. I think the folder structure changed since 2012.
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